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  • Fixed an issue with Imbued Black Masks not being combineable
  • Disabled Abyssal Demons Teleport Attack Style
  • Updated to use the correct Blood Vial ID in Shop & Creating Cadantine Blood Potions (unf)
  • Added 'reset' functionality to hunter trap
  • Added 1 in 60 drop chance to all NPCs in the wilderness for Looting Bags
  • Increased price of Sandworms in Fishing store
  • Fixed an issue with purchasing from NMZ rewards store (unnoted & noted items basically now work correctly)
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  • Fixed issues with the Player Counter displaying incorrect player amount
  • Added the ;;players command back
  • Added forums & community mod roles
  • Upped the tick delay on the trident to 4 as per OSRS
  • Updated Scrying Pool to use 4 Marble Blocks instead of 1
  • Introducing Scroll Boxes in place of Clue Scrolls so you can now Stack clues
  • Added multiple checks to avoid multiple clues being stacked in bank/inventory
  • Updated Geodes to open Scroll Boxes & NPCs to drop Scroll Boxes
  • Added Pet Drops to Discord Broadcast
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  • Correct Crystal Hally ID added to Crystal Key Chest
  • Easter Event, Gambling Zone & Staff Zone Maps & Teleports added
  • Easter Egg currency, counter & event added to BoomScape!
  • Lowered the Elven Crystal Chest Shard drop rate & amount
  • Combat Bracelet removed for Ironmen
  • Remove Amulet of Fury from the Super Mbox'
  • Added Pet Drops to Discord Callouts
  • Added Copper Ore to the ;;skill area
  • Removed Second row of Thieving Stalls in the Donator Zone
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  • Fixed issues with Gambling Zone Map
  • Added checks for planting flowers in the gamble zone sections so they plant in the correct directions
  • Added ;;gz command for Gambling
  • You can now clean one herb, and it will continue to clean the rest in your inventory
  • Added a check when making darts to see if invent is full
  • Made Black Partyhat, Black Santa Hat & Bunny Ears Tradeable
  • Fixed issues with Coal Bag & Essense Pouch not removing items from the bank when filling these items
  • Added Brimstone Boots combining
  • Added ability to make the Mythical Max Cape
  • Combat level requirement text changed
  • Fixed an issue with Sarachnis boss not counting towards slayer task
  • Added functionality for removing charge from Dagganoth Rings
  • Fixed issues with Farming Outfit not providing boosted XP
  • Set level other command added (for admin use)
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  • Added the ability to change Graceful Pieces for 15 marks each (Use the pieces on Grace to change colors)
  • Graceful outfit now gives enhanced Agility experience
  • DWH Drop Rate reduced to 1/1100
  • Sarachnis drops have now been added
  • Sarachnis now counts towards Slayer Task
  • Removed dev text from Sarachnis
  • Scythe has been made tradeable
  • Ranging Guild teleport updated to teleport you directly into the guild
  • Fixed an issue where you could use any herb on a blood pot to make unf blood cadantine pots
  • Fixed an issue where players using 'previous' teleport option without teleporting previously would null them
  • Watson has been added who can upgrade your lower tier clue scrolls into a Master clue scroll he can be found at home between the shops and ornate pool area
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  • Donator zone now applies 15% bonus experience for all skills within the zone
  • Added Chinchompa & Bird spots to Donator Zone
  • Added a Shop to Donator Zone (items are still being added and worked on within the live game)
  • Added correct functionality for Chinchompa's when thrown
  • Added Dismantnle options to the Wilderness Weapons
  • Removed death spawns form Nechryaels
  • Elite Void has been added to the web-store
  • Fixed a few issues whilst opening Super M Boxes
  • Reduced the delay on thieving stalls
  • Added Zamorkian Hasta/Spear upgrading/reverting through Otto dialogue
  • Added the Zenyte Shard to the drop table for Tormented Gorillas
  • Fixed an issue with Watson not facing the user when selecting 'check'
  • Added Wyson The Gardener dialogue options
  • Added a new check for when making darts
  • Fixed issue with Crystal Shard grinding whilst having a full inventory
  • Fixed issues with Rogues combat & drop table
  • Added a warning to the gambling zone teleport
  • Fixed issues with Elder Chaos Druids not counting towards slayer task
  • Added creation & disembely for Hydra Slayer Helmet
  • Fixed an issue with Hydra Slayer Helm Unlocking
  • Added a check for Regular Overloads being used outside of NMZ
  • Fixed an issue with NMZ rewards giving points rather than reducing in certain situations
  • Fixed website commands not linking correctly
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Updates 05/05/21

- Cache updated to OSRS #193 allowing us to use the latest OSRS bosses/maps etc
- Ferox Enclave barried & safe barriers added
- Clan Wars Portal Exit/Entrance updated to Ferox Enclave area
- Added Ferox Enclave to Ring of Dueling teleports
- Xteas & Region Keys updated to allow updated cache to function correctly
- Fixed an issue with Wintertodt actions being cancelled when hit by the cold
- Updated Tekton drops to guarnte correct items
- Fixed issues with Vasa Nistirio in raids
- Added Combat Defs to Glowing Crystal
- Fixed an issue with trading where the player would receive > than max integer causing a nulled cash stack
- Updated a few commands
- Force combat added to NPC logic
- Changed sell price of crafting items
- Added Ecumenical Key to general store for 10m
- Updated ID for Farming Trousers
- Changed Sarachnis Cudgel Drop Rate & Amount Dropped
- Added Skull left half to Ankou drop table
- Changed Max Cape Requirements
- Added Ape Atoll Teleport
- Added Burning Amulet to Ajjat's Armoury
- Added un-noted gems selling
- Added Crystal Shards to Random Drop table

Upcoming Updates

- The Nightmare Boss
- Issues with Olm/other Raid issues
- Slayer Boss Task System
- Login delay taking 30 seconds
- Not being able to sell noted versions of items to shops
- Stacked items on the floor not being removed correctly
- Kraken Private Instance issues

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  • Fixed issue with Jewllery Box in POH
  • Fixed issue with Climb Object for Clue Scroll
  • Fixed issue with some climb objects causing null issues
  • Fixed an issue with Godwar Doors after cache update
  • Fixed an issue with DK ladder after cache update
  • Added Martin Master Farmer to Pickpocket
  • Some cache updates applied
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