Weekly and Monthly Event Schedule


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Weekly and Monthly Event Schedule 

*Event schedule restarts first of every month*

*There are no set times when each event will happen*


Weekly Events


Every Weekend | Boosted Bosses

A few bosses will be chosen each weekend to have increased drop rates.
These bosses will be rotated and balanced to ensure it's not boosted too often.


1st Week | Hide and Seek

Multiple rounds of hide and seek, each round getting harder and prizes getting better. First to trade the person that is hiding wins.


2nd Week | Forum Event

This event can vary but can include: introduction event, survey events, youtube events, etc.
Winners may be chosen at random, or by who has the best entry.


3rd Week | PvP Tournament/Event

This could be any sort of PvP related event, such as DH/pure/NH tournament, boxing/DDS bracket, or more.


4th Week | Scavenger Hunt

An item will be described and the first person to trade the host with that item will win.


5th Week | Surprise Event

If there is a 5th week that month, this could include any events from above or some new special event.


Monthly Events

Pet Drop Event:

Starts on the 1st of every month

First to get a skilling or boss pet gets a prize listed on the corresponding event post.
(They change each month)


Big Monthly Event:

Happens on the last weekend of every month

This event could be a range of things such as flower poker events, Pk events, boss mass, etc.
Wait to see what comes. 

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