Pvm Bingo Event


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PVM Bingo is BoomScape's version of bingo. To win you must be the first person to

get an entire line of PvM drops on your bingo board.


How to Play:

After signing up on the discord post (more on how to do this later), you will be PM'd a personal bingo board link.

Make sure to save this link for when the event starts. Once the event starts you will have to get the items on your

board as PvM drops. Once you have got 5 in a row, PM a staff member who is currently on.



-Must be a horizontal, vertical or diagonal bingo.

-Must be a PvM drop, no pking or trading for items. This will be enforced with the #game-rare-drops channel

-Drop must be in your name when PvMing with others.


Rewards and Multipers:

On the bingo board, some of the more rare items will have a multipler on them. If you manage to get a bingo

with the multipler item or multiple multipler, you prize will increase if you win. Two prizes will be given out. 1 to 

the person who gets a bingo first and another to get 3 blue squares first. If you get a double multipler 

@Ceejay will payout 1b to you and if you get a 1.25 multipler you will get 250m from @Ceejay.

First place prize:

Donator Ranks, Perks & Benefits - Knowledge Base - Alora RSPS | RuneScape  Private Server

Blue skin recolor


3 blues Prize:



How to Sign Up:

-Join the BoomScape discord: https://discord.gg/xbRGXU8ZMV


-Go to #general and in the top right click the pinned icon

-Look for the PvM bingo post and click jump

-React to that post with the green check mark to enter

Good luck to everyone!

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