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Here at the gentleman's club, we're all upstanding members of boomscape community. We pride ourselves in helping new players and taking money in stakes against veteran players. As gentlemen we don't partake in the savage act of pking. Instead gentleman duel fairly one verse one as a proper fight should be. As a member of the Gentleman's Club you expected to treat others as you would your fellow clanmates. Even if they hate us or dislike us we will show them kindness. To be in the Gentleman's Club you must have twenty-four hours in game-play and be voting for the server at least every three days. Without the server growing our club can only grow so much. That being said we must promote and bring others into the server to show them just how great it is. There are a few rules you must follow to be considered a Gentleman.

1. Always treat others with respect.

2. Never mislead or or lie to other players or club members.

3. Invite others to play boom-scape if they haven't tried the server before.

4. If you are able to donate to boomscape please do. We want this server to have the amount of players it deserves... Thousands!

5. Never afraid to hand a new player one million gold to help. You never know one day we might win billions in staking from that person.

6. Only time we are allowed to pk is for events and wild chests.

7. If you are good at making guides and tutorials be sure to write one up for the forums.

8. As a Gentleman you swear you will never steal nor mislead a person to gain personal wealth.

9. Gentleman do not have to donate money to the club unless they feel like they should.

10. If you ask to loan anything from the clubs bank you must return it within 72 hours.

11. We take pride in acting like gentlemen in any situation and not like a 12 year old that got moms stimulus check spent on boomscape money instead of food.

12. Always be humble remember you represent the club and your actions reflect on the club as a whole.

Now that i have went over our basic rules, Our bank accounts name is Injrmomsroom. if you need anything or would like to donate to the club speak to me Lukas and we will make sure it goes to the bank.

We will have weekly dueling tournaments and we will have other mini-game tournaments with prizes and cash going to winners.

If you would like to join message me in forums on in the game itself. We Hope to see you soon and hopefully be able to call you a brother in the Gentlemen's Club.



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