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Welcome to the first official King of the skill event here on BoomScape.
This event will be held from Friday June 4th (7 AM EST) until Monday June7th (7 AM EST).

What is King of the skill?
King of the skill is a 3 day long race to see who can get the highest total level within that time, this will combine game knowledge with efficiency while training.

1.) The account used for king of the skill must have the prefix that will be given upon the event starting.
2.) The account must be an Hardcore Ironman.
3.) Donating on King of the skill accounts will result in disqualification.
4.) Account sharing will result in disqualification.
5.) If 2 (or more) players finish with the same total level the placements will be decided on total experience.
6.) You must log out prior to event ending in order to update Hiscores.

How to Sign up
1.) Join the Boomscape discord (
2.) Go to the #?events channel on discord.
3.) Locate the King of the Skill post.
4.) React with the K9TOkVT.png.

spacer.png 1st place: Twisted Dragon trophy and 150 Bonds.
spacer.png 2nd place: Twisted Rune trophy and 100 Bonds.
spacer.png3rd place: Twisted adamant trophy and 50 Bonds.

We here at BoomScape wish you all the best of luck, may the best skiller win.

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