Super Mystery Box Loot Table


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Research package.png BoomScape Super Mystery Box Loot Table Research package.png


Common Table
YUVnrpy.png 6-8M coins
VtR3ESA.png Abyssal whip
ILLTt8L.png Abyssal Tentacle
sfj0Q27.png Berserker Ring
KcmTopy.png Seers Ring
YcLTKHn.png Archers Ring
C211g5z.png Warriors Ring
XzEp3Zj.png Occult necklace
U6inUZa.png Toxic staff of the dead
ovGV65M.png Staff of the dead
KPg52DY.png Blessed spirit shield
VHasRqo.png Odium ward
0bo8MPm.png Malediction ward
aELnCOx.png Uncharged toxic trident
FhKzZHq.png Imbued heart
kzR5WoG.png Uncharged trident
qDJFwap.png Dragonfire shield
l7vRGep.png Viggora's chainmace
bZ4Q6ii.png Craw's bow
TT3ms7y.png Thammaron's sceptre

Rare Table
m0RqCvT.png Ancient wyvern shield
fnVcbpY.png Dragonfire ward
ozNi85j.png Serpentine helm
QwL60ch.png Eternal boots
zLebbAt.png Pegasian boots
rB7zABy.png Primordial boots
sCu1Y1G.png Armadyl helmet
BRwN4hr.png Armadyl chestplate
jDn5avq.png Armadyl chainskirt
S9oZUKF.png Bandos chestplate
VPM8Q5a.png Bandos tassets
kIKRcaO.png Bandos boots
uo8r7ck.png Zamorak godsword
ukXMIRz.png Saradomin godsword
HAf6Bn2.png Bandos godsword
1hG7NYY.png Berserker ring (i)
gexlQAr.png Archers ring (i)
KpAKl6V.png Seers ring (i)
IxLDLLa.png Elder chaos hood
GmdK1sO.png Elder chaos top
yZAuPZ4.png Elder chaos bottom
tLTdNRc.png Elder maul
NegrWWN.png 15-25 Crystal Keys

Super Rare Table
YUVnrpy.png 10-12M Coins
zSdBINx.png Amulet of torture
lQK1wUf.png Necklace of anguish
dAtTdft.png Tormented bracelet
AXpbyLD.png Ring of suffering
aV5Tk03.png Ring of coins
aFlKcTj.png Ring of stone
6kPXwqx.png Ring of nature
Dh6LEjF.png Armadyl godsword
tChJ99O.png Spectral spirit shield
H9NOrWi.png Abyssal dagger
F9EzdUL.png Armadyl crossbow
5i2Q4Io.png Dragon warhammer
wtC0fYZ.png Robin hood hat
zZoQtvj.png 3rd age wand
UlDtkAa.png 3rd age bow
aYxcSHc.png 3rd age sword
I0UNCIQ.png 3rd age cloak
hcMr9xS.png 3rd age range coif
UD8YmcN.png3rd age range top
XHJSeg4.png 3rd age range legs
l8Uz8QA.png 3rd age range vanbraces
2y7xKMz.png 3rd age mage hat
woV532U.png 3rd age robe top
33tUavs.png 3rd age robe 
dJ4gc3Z.png 3rd age amulet
OjarM2U.png 3rd age fullhelm
79Z56KE.png 3rd age platebody
p1JKeFQ.png 3rd age platelegs
MIXQmt9.png 3rd age kiteshield
ubRe4RG.png 3rd Age Mystery Box
jKXdz2O.png Dragon claws
yawGPdR.png Elite Void Set
Uipl08j.png Bonus Exp Scroll
4HIFnZB.png Rare Drop Scroll
gXD4wje.png 5-10 Ecumenical Key

Ultimate Rare Table
YUVnrpy.png 100-150M Coins
J2DAi6N.png Ferocious gloves
Rt3IFKc.png Brimstone ring
0rtIOgJ.png Dex Scroll
W2bWtf4.png Arcane Scroll
KnOpmCT.png Green halloween mask
XZBN8J8.png Blue halloween mask
x2NgBi2.png Red halloween mask
PdVnEQK.png Black halloween mask
DUkiuiz.png Santa hat
dXyIjFu.png Black santa hat
APm3cLI.png Inverted santa hat
de2oc7c.png Red party hat
eUVRvzh.png Yellow party hat
znp3unp.png Blue party hat
tQYyuiL.png Green party hat
ShdMXR5.png Purple party hat
w9hKnj6.png White  party hat
SsFDvFe.png Black party hat
SuT4OPM.png Rainbow party hat
ngaKsrv.png Partyhat & specs
qZfcxLE.png Dragon hunter lance
luWZJVC.png Twisted bow
LJcqbr1.png Christmas cracker
xA4Vmnw.png Scythe
zgzVctk.png Bunny ears
BuItRVy.png Justiciar helm
ntE7EL7.png Justiciar body
AhnpIYv.png Justiciar legs
brfZFi4.png Ancestral hat
DtOqst8.png Ancestral body
6UGKkTw.png Ancestral skirt
U8XRDea.pngKodai wand

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