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BoomScape Updates

Below you will find a list of all updates BoomScape has gone through, if you have any suggestions of what we should have next please post to the suggestions board

Latest Updates - June 11th 2020

Changes to BoomScape

  • Login Delay is now fixed (Previously was taking 30~ seconds to login to BoomScape)
  • Battlemage Potion & Divine Battlemage Potion functionality added
  • Players Online now shows on the Discord Bot, you can also type ::online in Discord and the bot will tell you the current amount of players
  • Donator Store updated
  • Donator Island Store updated
  • Purple Sweets eating functionality added
  • TOB Items are now avaliable in COX
  • Halfed the rate per points for a unique chance in COX


  • Corrected the medium clue donator item
  • Corrected the IDs for Spooky/Spookier Outfit
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June 7th 2020 Updates

  • Billgates (lottery) will now randomly display the current jackpot amount & the feed will also display the current jackpot amount
  • Well of Goodwill now displays the amount of GP currently added to the well
  • Super Mystery Boxes Loot Table Changed & Changed items that are globally announced
  • New Items added to Donator Store (Webstore)
  • Autocasts will now save when switching between weapons
  • Combat Dummy now functions at POH
  • Herblore Cape now allows grimy herbs to be mixed directly with Vials of Water
  • Loot Drop Notifications have been added
  • Untradeable loot Notifications have been added
  • Drop item warnings added
  • Explorers Ring 4 Teleport added & added to Vote Shop
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