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image.png.d6fcab66d9738e4e5d19a0edf9931af4.png July Pet Drop Event image.png.349c4390118084a1d5afe1c3e5212bbf.png

It's time for the monthly pet drop event! 

In this monthly event, players compete to be the first to receive a pet drop.

There will be one winner for each category:
Skilling pet & Bossing pet

Full pet list:



The Phoenix pet does not count as it's too easy to obtain.

The event will run until a winner is crowned in each category.

The same person can win both categories.

If a staff member is not on at the time the drop happens, take a screenshot of the announcement with time included and post it to this thread.



Don't worry if you miss out on the prizes this month.
There is a rotation of prizes and they will be available to win in future pet drop events.

Bossing pet drop - image.png.56407234017f2047184556f58523192b.png Clown outfit + Prop sword image.png.50cdd3c034d9e80480fa9fe3b9aeb139.png
Winner: Hybridantics | Dag Rex Pet | 7/09/21

Skilling pet drop - image.png.b27b69f340d2fff14faca5254dcebf00.png Snow imp costume + Candy cane image.png.f9f559a26c55fb17d680e3f1cf305557.png
Winner: GT SS OG | Rocky Pet | 7/10/21

Alternatively, you can choose 250 bonds as a reward instead of cosmetics.
To claim your reward, wait for James/Papa J to be on and they will trade you.


Good luck everyone, and may the RNG be ever in your favor.

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