Potential PvP Events (poll)


Future PvP Events  

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  1. 1. which events would you be more likely to participate in?

    • Last man standing/Last team standing (detailed in post)
    • Implement OSRS LMS
    • Clan wars
    • Other (comment on this topic)
  2. 2. to understand ideal times to hold in game events please select which zone you play in or are closest to.

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So we believe a PvP Event is long over due and we have brainstormed several ideas for a future event that will not only encourage people to Participate, but reward you regardless of your skill or whether you win or lose. you will find an outline below and what you might possibly expect.

Last Man/Team Standing (Wilderness)

Last Team Standing involves 2/3 teams (dependant on participants) following certain objectives in the wilderness. Each team will have a captain who is experienced and all teams will be balanced out to make it as fair as it can be... on top of that, there will be a pre-set loadout for everyone to use and ALL participants will be rewarded in someway! Don't worry there will be chance to earn upgrades during the event.



The idea is to have a NPC that will supply all the above gear free of charge for this event only. Team capes will be supplied.

Potential Objectives

  1. Capture the flag/item and hold at your team base
  2. Battle it out at certain locations to receive upgrades for your teams to continue the fight!
  3. Multi Team Battles and more!

Potential Rewards

  • Bounty Points to all Participants WIN OR LOSE to spend in Bounty Store
  • Cosmetics: 1st Team Prize = Wildy Sword 3
                         2nd Team Prize = Wildy Sword 2
                         3rd Team Prize = Wildy Sword 1
  • Improved prizes to high KC/contributing players.


  • No multi logging 
  • All upgradeable items are temporary and will be closely monitored and must be returned on completion of the event
  • All gold you recieve from kills can be kept
    More rules to be discussed


All of this is subject to possibility and open to discussion/feedback so answer the poll and leave a comment with your suggestion!




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16 minutes ago, Ping paow said:

dont think we have a big enough playerbase to support lms 

Don't worry about what we can/ can't support. If a playerbase is interested in something specific, we'll code to make it work, as well as it likely means other players looking for servers also interested in said (LMS here) event or minigame

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An hour long event in the form of teleportation to a custom skill island, consisting of skill areas for convenience skilling while on the island XP is boosted and drop rates increased in dungeon below island. This could be a few times a week.

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So yeah it’s not going to be a try hard event and I do understand not everyone can NH it could be changed for melee only with vengeance type of thing. Will make it more suitable so everyone can attend and perform 

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