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No skilling methods are actually viable to make money for gear, imagine doing 99 rc and you can't even buy a pair of dboots?

Slayer is pretty much dog shit, tasks fucking suck and are long and shit with no drops (early game drops dboots/whips/black masks shouldn't be at osrs drop rate levels) 

Why is firecape more than just jad?

Why is Inferno more than just triple jad and zuk?

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I feel your pain. I think skilling is designed to be slow, consistent money. PvM is designed to be inconsistent, but provide a great reward when you do finally get that drop.

As far as skills to make money, I'd suggest fishing sacred eels for zulrah scales. It's also great to do prif agility for shards, then make enhanced keys from your appreciation point. 

Slayer is actually one of the best moneymakers in the game. Once you hit 95 slayer and unlock boss tasks, you can get a lot of expensive items as drops.

Thanks for the suggestion about drop rates.
I looked into this, and here are the drop rate comparisons for the items you mentioned:

     Black Mask:  1/94 on Boomscape | 1/512 on OSRS
     Abyssal Whip:  1/233 on Boomscape | 1/512 on OSRS
     Dragon Boots:  1/121 on Boomscape | 1/128 on OSRS

And for the fight caves/inferno, we can't make it too easy. ?

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