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These were already known, but we're putting them here for everyone to see so it's public. To the users below, you can just disregard this since you already know your roles.

Owner and developer of the server is @James

Aside from that the official staff team is as follows ;

@Pappaj is an Administrator.

@Mikko is a Moderator.

@Ash Lauren is a Moderator.

@canni is a Moderator.

@Con is an Forums Moderator.

@Ceejayis a Community Manger.

With that being said, we'll be looking to fill a few more spots in the future so if you feel fit and meet the requirements feel free to apply here and I'll be going over applications in the next couple of days or so.

Thanks to everyone who's been along so far with the journey as well as helping out with the server and being patient as we work on adding content, fixing bugs and continue with any other issues. We look forward to seeing you around.

Best Regards,

Boom-Scape Staff Team

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