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Hello! I am working from home rest of the week due to covid restrictions, bad news for our company, but good news for you lovely people! I will be hosting PvM events every day of the week and 1 PvP event with nice price pools for both!

Thursday: Pest Control event (Event will last 1 hour (hoping our beloved @James is kind enough to activate the 4x PC points yet again so 1 hour should be plenty enough for everyone interested to get their void sets or herbs for the ironmemes))

Also on Thursday: Corporeal Beast - Pray mage and click boss - Zamorakian Spear + Elite void melee + your best boots, gloves, amulet is the way to go! If you've got DWH, BGS or Archlight, use it! (Event lasts for 1 hour)

Friday: Chambers of Xeric - I will teach anyone who is interested all the mechanics in voice chat - Also see above image for reference what items to bring! (Event lasts for 2 hours)

Saturday: PK event - More of this later, all depends how many people are going to be interested. To grasp an idea how many will attend go react with ūüíĬ†to my post on discrd if you are interested (Yes)
Also on Saturday: Nightmare - Pray mage and click boss, but if you want to learn the real mechanics I can also teach in voice chat to those who are interested! (Event lasts for 1 hour)

Sunday: Sweaty Slayer Sunday - Person who gains the most Slayer XP during Sunday, wins! (Yes there is a price)

Event that is lasting the entirety of this week: HUNT FOR JAD PET - Rules are simple: First one to get Jad pet wins (yes there is also a price for this)

More info on every event will be posted here starting tomorrow! Best of luck to everyone and hope to see each and every one of you at at least one of these!

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Alright  so the prize pool of all the events hosted by me are as follows:

Saturday PK event:
First place 100 bonds
2nd place 25 bonds
3rd place 10 bonds

Sweaty Slayer Sunday event: Player who has gained the most Slayer experience during Sunday wins 100 bonds!

Event that has already started and is active throughout the rest of this week;

Jad pet hunt First player to obtain this pet will receive 250 bonds!

Best of luck to everyone!

ps. Donator benefits include a nice head start in the fight caves:


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Day 1 of the event week!

We start off with Pest control 9 pm +2 gmt (1 hour from posting this) and this event will last for 1 hour!
Requirements and recommendations: 100 combat level to enter the veteran boat
If you are a hardcore ironman, bring food as the monsters can do a lot of stacked damage!
Do not use range as you can not hit the portals with that, use melee its the best option for this minigame 

After the pest control event, 10:30 pm +2 gmt (1 hour and 30 minutes from posting this) we will start the Corporeal beast event which will also last for 1 hour!

Here is a example set up for corp, everything can be downgraded and upgraded here:


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Day 2 of the event week!

Chambers of Xeric also known as Raids 1

Anyone who has not done raids in this server yet is required to join discord voice chat to
listen instructions.
If you've done raids before on this server you are not required to voice chat but you are more than welcome to join it.

Everyone who attends this event will receive 2 event points as the event lasts 2 hours.
Event is starting 9pm +2gmt (5 hours and 40 mins  from posting this)

Everything can be downgraded of course and in a mass it doesn't matter as much how good your gear is. What matters is how good you are at listening what you're told!

Hope to see you guys there!

 Max set up:
Also those who really want to join the event but can't join voice chat even to listen, if you watch this video you do not need to join voice chat either:


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