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Monthly top 3 event attenders!

How this works?

Every event hosted by a staff member is worth set amount of points.

Attend a corporeal beast mass, that's 1-3 points.
Win a PK tournament or Skilling event, that's 5 points. And so on..

At the end of the month top 3 players who have gained most points will be rewarded for their efforts!

And this month is the first of many to come, so make sure to attend the events starting today!

I will be hosting along side my fellow staff members various different events through out the months to come.
The rewards for this are still up for discussion within the staff team, but there have been quite wild ideas so stay tuned   

Best of luck to everybody,
- BoomScape Staff team

January 2022 Leaderboard

click boss 16
Kiwi 14
A 12
Kyle BTW 8
Bailey 8
Dream Team 8
24k Sleep 4
Gotgromli 5
ibaylee 4
Artkiss 4
Flipturtles 3
ConHamer 3
LightShadow 2
Nolife3 2
Didizle 2
Wilson 2
Globdabalina 2
Professor 2
Miroku 2
Fusionchamp 2
Not pk 2
Waddie010 2
Dodgesuv 1
Trekton 1
Semske 1
make 1
Imp 1
johno 1
Ironide 1

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