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Selling infernal capes pm for more info on discord: ⸸ NNM ⸸#0761

But heres a list of must have before contacting me about capes:

Rigour unlocked (dexterous prayer scroll used) - costs about 200-300m but 100% worth it for every day pvming
Barrows gloves - costs 1m from melee shop at home
Avas assembler or avas accumulator - regular avas costs 6,000 gp from range shop at home
Archers ring imbued or 650k nightmare zone points - archers ring is like 60m
Rune pouch with 5k+ death, blood, soul runes in it - rune pouch is 50 vote points 35 points every 12 hours
3x Divine bastian potions, if you are non donator then dont worry about this - 100k ea at ::dz north east shop
blood fury with atleast 5k charges - Blood shard 50m , fury 15m

TL;DR: Overall you'll need about 420m to obtain all the above items and the 1,5b payment for me to complete inferno for you.

After service is complete, make sure to change your password here/or change your password to a temporary one for the service:

DISCLAIMER: If I get Zuk pet on your account that is +1b you will owe me.

skill requirements:
75 def
99 range
74 prayer
99 mage

preferably 126 cb

You can have a bank pin, I have no need for bank access if you just have the untradeable items in your inventory as everything else can be provided by me.

Regular account with 126 cb = 1,5b
Ironmeme with no tbow = 2,25b

Some completions done by me:


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