Event Week 2!

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Let me start off by saying sorry, I burned myself out a bit and needed a break last week. That is why the remaining events got delayed.

But this weekend we bringing them back!

Today:  PK event - I will host this (9pm +2 gmt - 3 hours and 30 mins from posting this) Show up at edge ditch 15 mins prior to starting the event if you wish to participate!

Also today: Nightmare - (10:30pm +2gmt 5 hours from posting this) Pray mage and click boss, bring  your best melee gear - DWH or Dragon Claws best spec weapon here (Event lasts for 1  hour)

Tomorrow:  Sweaty Slayer Sunday - Person who gains the most Slayer XP during Sunday, wins! (Yes there is a price)
I will reveal how to attend this later today, so pay attention!!!

Also tomorrow: Chambers of Xeric - Attend atleast 2 kc to obtain 2 event points!

Event that is lasting the entirety of this weekend as well: HUNT FOR JAD PET - Rules are simple: First one to get Jad pet wins (yes there is also a price for this)


PK event winner: 5 event points + 100 bonds
PK event 2nd place: 3 event points + 50 bonds
PK event 3rd place: 1 event point + 10 bonds

Everyone who attends nightmare boss event will get 2 event points!

Attend 2 kc at Chambers of Xeric tomorrow for 2 event points!

Sweaty Slayer Sunday winner will get 5 event points + 100 bonds!

Jad pet hunt winner will get 5 event points + 250 bonds!

Current event point leader board:

Good luck!

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Gear for PK EVENT!
If you do not have this set up, I will borrow you the items! So as many that want to join, can 🙂

Items that you PK from your opponent, you are required to return them.
In this event we compete for the event points and bonds!

Opponent assignment starting in 23 mins,
Event it self starting in 38 mins!

Good luck!

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