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The most efficient, fastest and last but not least most trusted service provider.

Since I got max experience and maxed 4 ironman accounts I've perfected the most efficient ways to max cape and am here to provide those expertise for my customers.

Any skill in game can be done by me for a price, max cape from registering if you wish.

Prayer requires you to have all the bones, will provide wilderness protection if you wish to save bones at wilderness chaos altar.

1-99 Combat Stats 350m each.


1-99 Slayer 1000m
1-99 Hunter 1000m
1-99 Agility 1000m
1-99 Runecrafting 750m (non donator 1000m) can provide rune essence 
1-99 Mining 500m
1-99 Smithing 400m*
1-99 Herblore 350m*
1-99 Thieving 350m
1-99 Crafting 350m*
1-99 Construction 350m*
1-99 Fletching 200m*
1-99 Fishing 200m
1-99 Cooking 200m*
1-99 Firemaking 200m*
1-99 Woodcutting 200m
1-99 Farming 100m*

*You are required to have supplies to do this skill.

Obviously not everyone is level 1 in skills they hate so, for example at level 92 the price is -50% and so on.

200m Experience can also be done by me, message me about these and we can make a deal that pleases us both.

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