Boomscape Suggestions For Ironman/hcim - Iron Angel/Evangel

XD CodyBear

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Ok, so. Fix the price checker on the client. 

Lower the price of skillcape hoods from 1m to 100k. U

pgrade the price of the iban's staff to 400k. 

Only allow bolts up to mithril to be purchased. 

Only let them purchase steel throwing knifes and darts. 

Let them purchase sapphire uncut gems but lower the quantity of them to 50. 

All gems can be mined at gem rocks in shilo village. 

Add ring of wealth and glory to monster drops or they can be crafted to get them. 

Make rune unable to get make them get it through drops or making it unless its in a shop in real runescape that ironman can get it from. 

Add 3 rouges south west of mage bank i can show you the spot if you want. 

Allow anti poison to be purchased . 

only allow salmon to be purchased as food . they have to earn the rest. 

Make dragon scimmy a monster drop from revs or whatever monster you want to drop it. 

Make it so you can buy a regular dds from the zanaris shop for ironman .

Make it so you need 45 defence instead of 41 for barrow gloves.

Bank tab on mobile doesnt show bank value.

Add the RFD bank chest under lumbridge and add the meat cleaver to the chest along with the barrows gloves. The meat cleaver is a good substitute for a rune scimitar until an ironman obtains a rune scimitar from a drop, ex. 

     - I hope everyone takes my suggestions into consideration, I ask that all of you have a blessed day and I would love some feedback! :) 

~Iron Angel/Evangel

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