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This is coming from a pvper, that is currently only skilling on the server.


Can we get an area, portal, etc.. designated for PvP encounters that are for fun, where you can setup your own stats, pull gear from a chest, maybe some pre-set builds, (pure, pure nh, zerker, med level, mains). This would hopefully create something that players can do in there free time, as well as get some practice in with pvp. 


I've heard the argument from Didizle, who said there may be an LMS type thing in the future, and my argument against that is, as it may remove the gear separation between newer players vs. the more active players that have max gear, I still see the issue where the pvp skill gap is going to prevent any such "learning experience". As well as the fact that keeping LMS lobbies full with a moderately active player base could definitely be a challenge, unless it's set up in a way where you only need two players to begin the games. 


Having this little area for fun fights could definitely be an option, where you take two mediocre pvpers who happen to meet and just want to fun eachother for a bit, If they want to fight somebody that is skilled in that aspect of the game they're free to do that. But I think we can agree that most likely, in the LMS scenario, It's going to be the same people winning the majority of the games, which fair enough that's how it should be, but maybe even adding both as an option would work.


I may be biased as I cant even pvp, without making a an alt, and I just don't feel like doing that, if being an rsps, it's possible to implement something like i've suggested. 


This would also be similar to what 07 does for Beta Testing, where they open the portals, and offer chests full of the items people might want to test, as well as setting their stats. 


Thanks for your consideration.




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