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Hi, I know I'm new here, but just wanted to throw a few suggestions out there as being new to this server I noticed a few things that led to a few somewhat rude replies back in game, and all of it could have been avoided. 

Suggestion number 1: on the home page of Boom-scape.com right towards the top under play now and before the recent updates I think it would be a good idea for there to be a list of some of the major things this server has to offer, for example: Donator zone

X# of bosses(list a few)

Exclusive holiday events

Mitigates( edit: mini games)

Quality of life 

Etc etc

Having that could potentially appeal to new people sooner because they don't have to search for things this server has to offer.

Suggestion number 2: also as a new player I came to trying to figure stuff out on my own, and the useful links in game leads to the forums, and apparently there are some VERY outdated forum guides on the forums, and maybe it would be a good idea to clean them up. For example there are several threads where they explain how the gran exchange is not in game because the creators want there to be more player to player interactions. So then when I see people saying selling so and so on the ge I'm like hey does the ge even work? And now I'm getting slightly rude comments flaming me directed at me in game. Potential loss of player ensues.

Not negatively criticizing the server in anyway, I think this server has alot of potential, just putting my 2 cents out there and some things that could make it more appealing to new players. Thanks.

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