Additional Donator Benefits?


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Im going to start with a side note; I recently started construction, and was building my poh up and noticed a few bugs when it comes to construction skill in general, mostly just can't build certain things.

But while I was building my poh I remembered while I was reading thru the forums one day I saw a suggestion for ::bank which I agree would be entirely too op. But then it got me thinking...

Possible additional donator benefits being suggested:

1. Emerald donators can switch their home teleport to their PoH

2. Diamond donators have the option to build an additional(counting the one at ::home) portal nexus in their poh.

3. Onyx donators have the option to build a bank booth at the Tip Jar space next to the exit portal in gardens and formal gardens.

4. Zente has the option to build skilling locations in their home, such as respawning trees you can chop down instead of decoration trees, ore veins for dungeon entrances, fishing spots for fountains, faming plots for plants etc. Or even a custom room they can just purchase, whichever is easier.

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