Boomscape 1-28 voting goodie bag - July

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Hello Boomers!

This month our beloved admin Mikko and I will be hosting a voting event until all prizes from the goodie bag have been won..
Every Goodie bag roll will be shuffled randomly & every blank spot will be given 10m
The available prizes from the Goodie bag can be seen below, so you have a good chance at getting some really good items!


Some extra items have been gifted by the community!


How to Enter

1 - Post a picture (to this thread in your comment) of you voting for all the websites over on the vote page Only votes after start of this event will count!

2 - Include your BoomScape in-game username in your reply to this thread!


How it works

Simply follow the entry requirements above to be able to claim a go at having a roll on the Goodie bag, and then msg me on Discord/In-game and I'll get Mikko online for your roll on the Goodiebag!

The slots of where the items are will be shuffled for every roll, and once the items are gone, the event will be finished... You can re-enter as many times as you want per vote cycle (every 12 hours). You'll only need to create a thread once!

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