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Starting off with the obvious:

Theatre of blood 

Group ironman 


The nightmare


Fix all slayer masters - make it so they are more unique 

Other update ideas:

Well of goodwill - location: dzone - Have the option to add coins or certain items to the well for added bonuses for the server once it hits a certain amount gp 300m for example. These bonus can include...

Common - 30% xp boost , 50% slayer point boost , double pk points (all 1 hour)

Rare - 50% xp boost , double pest control points , 20% rare drop chance (all 1 hour)

Very rare - double rare drops , double xp  (all 30 mins)

Make Wilderness bosses more worth while:

Add blood money to the drop table of all bosses in wildy, more or less depending on difficulty.

Add more skilling (better) skilling supplies to drop table.

Loot table interface:

Add a fully functional loot table interface to the quest tab, here you can see the rarity of all items when you search the npc's name or look up the item instead of just examining.

Add a drop table to Galvek:

Man this boss is fun and difficult enough.

Items to add - Dragon crossbow , dragon bolts , dragon harpoon , dragon lump , dragon fire shield , dragon darts. 

Loyalty titles:

Add titles using appreciation points 

Achievement diary:

Create an interface that has easy, medium, hard, elite and master task. Each task gives a reward depending on difficulty and achievement points which can be spent in a shop at home for certain items. Once all have been complete you get the achievement cape. you also get a bonus for completing each tier 

Easy task can include: Rewards on the right

Kill 50 goblins - reward 100k 

Chop 100 normal logs - Xp lamp

Complete 5 slayer tasks - 1 million coins 

Pickpocket a knight - 1 piece of rouge outfit

Medium task can include: 

Complete a task from Duradel - Double slayer point scroll 

Open Crystal chest 25 times - Crystal weapon seed

Complete 10 clue scrolls - Elite clue casket

Open 30 barrows chest - 3 million cash

Get a 99 - xp scroll 

Hard tasks can include:

Get a fire cape - uncut onyx

Kill 100 bosses - mystery box

Get a pet - 

Loot 25 enhanced crystal chests - 10 crystal keys

Open 100 barrows chests - amulet of the damned 

Elite task can include:

Complete 3 collection logs - 10 million  gp

Get a max cape - quest cape

Complete 50 Chamber of Xeric - Dex or Arcane scroll

Complete 50 Theatre of bloods - Avernic defender

Put 200 million is the well of goodwill - Gentleman / Lady title

Master task can include:

Get an infernal cape - uncut zenyte

Complete 10 collection logs - super mystery box

Vote 50 times - quest cape

obviously these are just examples and can add a lot more in, this will just make the game all around more fun and create a more rewarding end game goal for players.

feedback would be appreciated





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