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>This event is DUO event so go find urself a pair 
>first pair to reach the finish tile wins 

>To register for this event contact any staff via Disc or Ingame PM

>event gonna be open for 4 weeks 

>3 winners 
  1st dwh (or) kit and 125 bonds
  2nd bandos or arma (or) kits and 75 bonds (per player) 
  3rd 50 bonds ( per player )
  !!!!! everyone pair who finish the race will be rewarded with Cannon (or) kits !!!!

> event starts @ 07/10/2022 10PM GMT registeration will be open untill 14/10/2022

>There will be events subchannel where u can see everyteams progress


every staff holds DICE BAG!!  To start the event u simply ask any staff member to roll 12 sided dice for u
 after that u move as many tiles as ur diced number, get the drop that tile shows u and came back to staff member who
 validates ur drops and roll a dice for u again.

if the drop is something that dosnt announce in global
( like f cape d boots whips etc). u have to screenshot and send that pic to staff member

!! u can skip every tile but after every skips u have to go back to START, unless u have free skip from RANDOMS !!


    You throw 4 sided dice twice

    2. re-throw ( must be used before tile 42.)
    3. delete one tile and replace it with abbysal whip
    4. 2x ur next throw
    5. go ahead to the next GWD tile (11, 18, 26, 37,)
    6. go back 5 tiles.
    7. u can move ahead 5 tiles or move other team back 3 tiles.
    8. u get 2 rare drop scrolls per player 


    1. all members must get both items
    8, 9, 14, 22, 35, 42, 44.  any drop from that boss or raid 
    15, 41, 37, 2x that drop ( 15. both need to complete fight caves.)
    25, 28, u need to get all three items. 
    33  1 sigil from corp (ely drop adds +2 for ur next throw) 


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