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Hey BoomScapers!  The long awaited 'Donator Zone' has finally been released but our work is still far from over! We are always looking to improve and expand this server but it starts with the community's feedback! We want to know what you guys would like to see be added to the location. Our goal is to cater to as many suggestions as much as possible without making the server feel to easy!?  Please reply to what you want added to the 'Donator Zone' this list also includes shop items! Looking forward to reading everyone's replies. ¢¤¯¸ 

                                                                                                                                                   Best Wishes,

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mod Mosey

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I have already listed a few in my other post but I have thought of a few more.

  • DZ unique slayer master. Such as Konar (could reward more slayer points or brimstone keys) or a different slayer master that assigns boss only tasks like the reaper in RS3 (this could be implented at ::home as well)
  • Slightly buffed skilling shops, such as crafting includes a small stock of dragonstone that is also sellable for a profit when cut
    • Fishing shop could include uncooked food as well to train cooking or jugs of water and grapes
    • Flecthing includes yew logs 
    • The rest would include a similar theme, like one step up in the skills level to train
  • Uncut oynx in the crafting shop for a hefty price. Could be used a money dump to relive inflation or for people who do not want to grind for a oynx
  • Dragon armor shop for mainly cosemtics and another money dump 
  • Sawmill operator near teak trees and maybe a deposit box
  • A fire or range near bank in DZ

Some of these ideas may make the DZ too overpowered but thought I would at least give some starting points for things to add

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Threw this as a suggestion on discord but wanted to add it here as well. Could we get a non-moving Minnows spot that also doesnt have the swordfish eating your minnows? i really just want to be able to afk minnows at dz without having to worry about them getting eaten. i liked the spots in fishing guild but after like 5 or so mins it 100% swordfish's on both, dz could use it :o

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