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Friday Febuary,3rd,2023 @ 9:30pm EST
(Time may change depending on my work)

-Two players will have Full Dharoks , Dragon Boots, Barrows gloves, Amulet of Strength and 10 sharks.
-Two players will stand 10 tiles apart facing each other.
-The first player will hit the other player one time.
-The second player can now either hit the first player one time or eat one shark.
-And just repeat the cycle until some one dies.
- The winner will advance to the next round!
-All items needed for this event will be provided for you.

-To decided who hits first I will role a 12-sided dice. I will chose who has odd numbers, and who has even numbers before the roll.
-Protection Prayer is not allowed.
-You can only hit once or eat one shark at a time.
(I may add some other rules, everyone will be notified if I need to.)

This event is for us as a community to have some fun, ANYONE that becomes toxic (Friendly banter is allowed.) will be kicked.

1st- 2 Rare Drop scrolls And 50m (If your lucky, could be more C:)
2nd- 1 Pet Drop scroll and 50m
3rd- 1 Bonus EXP scroll and 20m

Please comment your In Game Name to be added!

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