The Boomscape Games 2

Mod Rian

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 The Boomscape Games 2
-Low-Level Ironman PvP-

Saturday February 11th 10:00pm EST
(Time and Date may change pending schedules)


-GIM based 2v2 teams.
-Pick your own partner and send me your team name and IGNs.
-Every account will have something specific in the username( I will tell you that information before the event starts.)
-Every player will need to make a fresh GIM at the start of the event
-You will have 1 hour to make any build you want to.
-Any PK style is allowed
-If there is not enough teams the event will be 1v1
-All food will be provided to you but that is it.


-No Donating allowed!
-Only one 2v2 or 1v1 fight at one time.(please wait till your turn)
- After your match you may restock on food.
-If the event turns into a 1v1 you do not make a GIM account but a normal Ironman account
-If it is 1v1 and I find out you made GIM and traded items you will be banned from further Boomscape Games events.

Rewards will be figured out before the event starts.
-This event is for us as a community to have some fun, ANYONE that becomes toxic (Friendly banter is allowed  ) will be kicked.-


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