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Add new items to melee shop:Not degrading Corrupt vesta`s chainbody, vesta`s plateskirt, statius full helm, statius platebody, statius platelegs each corrupted item is 50 000 each,not degrading regular vesta`s equipment and statius equipment 250 000 each for one item(lvl 78), spirit shield(55 000 ea), blessed spirit shield(750 000 ea), berserker helm, warrior helm, soul cape(red&blue +12 prayer bonus), white boots, holy sandals and Devout boots

Add new items to ranging shop:Not degrading corrupt morrigan`s equipment 50 000 per item, regular morrigan`s equipment 250 000 each for one item(lvl 78), dragon crossbow and ava`s assembler's_assembler

Add new items to magic shop:Not degrading corrupt zuriel`s equipment 50 000 per item, regular zuriel`s equipment 250 000 each for one item(lvl 78),farseer helm, dark mystic robe set, infinity robe set, Dagon`hai robes set, bloodbark robes set

Put that prayer potion costs 6000 each at shop

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