small quality of life updates and others


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Few more update ideas.

  • Instead of having a cash drop from slayer monsters, change it so you get a casket. Make it less rare the higher level the slayer monster. Casket loot 150k - 400k. 
  • Add the option to make silver jewellery.
  • Add a lock combat xp button to the quest list.
  • Make Ring of wealth give 3% drop rate increase, this is good for new players who haven't got a good ring option yet.
  • Add ring of wealth imbue scroll to vote shop for 500 points this will increase ring of wealth to 7% drop rate increase.
  • Add elite clues to Dragon imp loot table.
  • Make an interface in bank so you can equip and unequip armour while bank is open.
  • Add preset outfits to right click at bank, here you can save the armour and inventory you currently have on, then load it in the future for fast pvming. 
  • Remove bones from crystal chest, this will make dragons more profitable. Might even make people donate for the noted bones drop too. ¢Å“…
  • Add an option to recolour the phoenix pet like in osrs.
  • Add master clues to the game.
  • lower drop rate of unsired from abyssal demon from 400 to 100, same as osrs.
  • Add amulet of the damned to barrows chest 1/500.
  • Add singing bowl to ;;DZ.
  • Add quest cape to appreciation point store for 20000 points. ¢Å“…
  • Increase the amount of crystal shards you get from elfs from 3 to 6. 
  • reduce the amount of shards you get from agility course in prif by 1/3.
  • increase the cost to upgrade the crystal key from 10 shard to 30 shards.
  • lower the time in which you get stunned by 1 second while pickpocketing 
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