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coins.png.7fc953e3a21be4cf79937b8fe0554e27.png           BOOMSCAPE

PRICE GUIDE     coins.png.7fc953e3a21be4cf79937b8fe0554e27.png


Disclaimer: This price guide has been put together from the knowledge of all the staff members, of course these are only a rough idea of what we think the pricing is for each item as the server is still new. The prices will change but we will try our best to keep it as updated as  much possible.


Tip: Click on the image to see more information about item. (Takes you to the OSRS wiki of the item).


Popular items



195px-Abyssal_whip_detail.png.c4fe3c5b304bbbf4e209d8df24a56d7f.png Abyssal whip - 10M

195px-Black_mask_detail.png.3cff6503a8f74f91ab1db1ab039f3aef.png Black mask - 10M

225px-Dragon_boots_detail.png.9dcda96471a8bdbdf831a13c2add63fd.png  Dragon boots - 15M

210px-Dragon_axe_detail.png.453179907573eb74b35e03052df03741.png Dragon axe - 5 to 10M

195px-Dragon_pickaxe_detail.png.7b6a904537d4374c05ba53a722bd8fab.png Dragon pickaxe - 20 to 25M

 195px-Amulet_of_fury_detail.png.665133247539ae32b28df70217551349.pngAmulet of Fury - 10M

Old school bond.png Bonds - 1 to 1.5M ea

854540449_203px-Zulrahs_scales_detail.png.fd42500aa50034fc20db36024cff5307.png Zulrah scales - 900GP to 1K ea

180px-Revenant_ether_detail.png.5babc49b42199202202887baf104882e.png Revenant Ether -1K ea

Dragon dart.png Dragon darts - 8K ea - Dragon dart tips 10K ea

150px-Rune_dart_detail.png.aa7276baa2152083c08083288fa27b49.png Rune darts - 2.5K ea - Rune dart tips 3K ea

225px-Crystal_key_detail.png.793c51fbe26b0b4731caf9cf0a25163a.png Crystal keys - 500K to 750K


Barrows gear

Dharok's armour set.png Dharok's -  5M - set 30M

Karil's armour set.png Karil's - 5 to 10M - set 30M

Guthan's armour set.png Guthan's - 3 to 5M - set 25M

Torag's armour set.png Torag's - 3 to 5M - set 20M

Ahrim's armour set.png Ahrim's - 5 to 10M - set 30M

Verac's armour set.png Verac's - 3 to 5M - set 20M



225px-Berserker_ring_detail.png.29516b7b3f82c976f47a38888f1bf69f.png Berserker ring - 45M

233px-Archers_ring_detail.png.55f1dec540532dce4f5dcfb6bc1c64bd.png Archers ring - 20 to 25M

233px-Seers_ring_detail.png.d14d2a0152e976ce48e677f7422977f3.png Seers ring - 15M

225px-Warrior_ring_detail.png.28368eea35c83347c4fad18bafa443b2.png Warriors ring - 5M

225px-Ring_of_the_gods_detail.png.4a15c10b1083a34b9b20bf4a68266f5a.png Ring of the Gods - 40M

300px-Treasonous_ring_detail.png.b7330487e69a7847761fb1598aea116e.png Treasonous ring - 25M

225px-Tyrannical_ring_detail.png.c166faf7f0abac828a8f0b10e4242247.png Tyrannical ring - 35M

195px-Brimstone_ring_detail.png.996bb5c5461a5ce05fbc610cba09e7d5.png Brimstone ring - 30M

180px-Necklace_of_anguish_detail.png.bba1299e626f8e686c04c04e34fe807b.png Necklace of anguish - 120M

158px-Amulet_of_torture_detail.png.acd1f1501ea1bc54c87b48b16c830285.png Amulet of torture - 120M

180px-Ring_of_suffering_detail.png.c3276a287bad69a5064345379964a3bc.png Ring of suffering - 110 to 120M

180px-Tormented_bracelet_detail.png.ccc868e377d27e11af565a2cdd620a66.png  Tormented bracelet - 110 to 120M

180px-Uncut_zenyte_detail.png.d7751e916550b1e62e55f15e86578635.png Uncut zenyte - 125M

180px-Uncut_onyx_detail.png.9d004e9b4f5a750a4145de8b3634bb30.png Uncut onyx - 10m


Melee gear



Armadyl_godsword.png.a878216c10916ab6045bd1ae533c4aac.png Armadyl godsword - 100M

Bandos_godsword.png.a3bb67bbfc3df54ef08e39d157be535c.png Bandos godsword - 120M

Saradomin_godsword.png.9c255805e9e26455f8243070f0407037.png Saradomin godsword - 50M

Zamorak_godsword.png.9980655c18e62bc90d81da41716def66.png Zamorak godsword - 35M

195px-Godsword_blade_detail.png.01c56eb6a99d0e5dbfe5da6002277d25.png Godsword blade - 10M

VLQ7OqR.png Dragon hunter lance - N/A

195px-Abyssal_bludgeon_detail.png.ead01756364efa986af303332ae0a6c0.png Abyssal bludgeon - N/A

225px-Zamorakian_spear_detail.png.ccb9d329b821c1c445d9736529d072d6.png Zamorakian spear - 80 to 120M

270px-Abyssal_dagger_detail.png.9fde14f7e5c3256838b8aab135c25adb.png Abyssal Dagger - N/A

255px-Elder_maul_detail.png.f9841ce6ff0f665584f2ab3177bb7fbe.png Elder maul - N/A

225px-Dragon_claws_detail.png.8749be20ba4c7752969d0bc7459c6e3c.png Dragon claws - 200M

195px-Abyssal_whip_detail.png.c8a486e0b0fdab0028ad6805d0aefcf0.png Abyssal whip - 10M

195px-Kraken_tentacle_detail.png.1e516490d6e28991874f717864e24128.png Kraken tentacle - 15M

180px-Dragon_warhammer_detail.png.292f201834fe25ed04ecc374a0e1901d.png Dragon warhammer - N/A

1229438520_255px-Viggoras_chainmace_(u)_detail.png.7fa56784640bf9427af7fc2fbb120b61.png  Viggora's chainmace - 10M

Granite maul.png Granite maul - 2M

210px-Saradomin_sword_detail.png.e56391c7affd291e0f73bd7058b6ac4f.png Saradomin sword - 20M



Serpentine helm detail.png Serpentine helm - 30M

Näytä lähdekuva Basilisks jaw  - 50M

Bandos chestplate detail.png Bandos chestplate - 110M

Bandos tassets.png Bandos tassets - 120M

Bandos boots.png Bandos boots - 1 to 2M

Dragon boots.png Dragon boots - 15M

Primordial crystal detail.png Primordial crystal - 150M

Hydra leather detail.png Hydra leather - 200M

Dinh's bulwark.png Dinh's bulwark - N/A

Dragonfire shield.png Dragonfire shield - 30M

cespmTk.pngQM2I5T7.pngxoKXNS5.png Justiciar Armour - 250 to 400M


Range gear



 Toxic blowpipe (empty) detail.pngBlowpipe - 90-100M

Armadyl crossbow detail.png Armadyl crossbow - 120M

Twisted bow detail.png Twisted bow - N/A

Dragon crossbow detail.png Dragon crossbow - 30M

Dragon hunter crossbow detail.png Dragon hunter crossbow - N/A

craws.png.4ec6278d615f628b20c7204a50ff70fc.png Craw's bow - 10M



Armadyl helmet.png Armadyl helmet - 80M

Armadyl chestplate.png Armadyl chest plate - 130M 

Armadyl chainskirt.png Armadyl chainskirt - 120M

Ranger boots detail.png Ranger boots - 250M

Pegasian crystal detail.png Pegasian crystal - 50M

Odium ward detail.png Odium ward - 40M

Dragonfire ward detail.png Dragonfire ward - 60M

Twisted buckler detail.png  Twisted buckler - N/A

 Robin hood hat.png Robin hood hat - 15M

Rangers' tunic.png Rangers' tunic -  15M

Rangers' tights.png Rangers' tights - 15M

Ranger gloves.png Ranger gloves - 15M

225px-Guthix_coif_detail.png.dc28b83a523e88ffe4d92afa07ba1bb4.png294571948_225px-Saradomin_dhide_body_detail.png.0078fa495e49f5a5f111d55dd0cdc057.png135px-Armadyl_chaps_detail.png.03b4e2daf3d0cc5ec87bbb405a8594bd.png1218951794_225px-Zamorak_dhide_shield_detail.png.d14d7141b4122885221e087249fb43ad.png Blessed d hide armour - 2 to 5M

Blessed_vambraces.gif.0201c171e64f6cc57ccb33b35856b89e.gif Blessed d'hide vambraces - 100K

Blessed_boots.gif.9125f27a6a0061cc79cdc4c1104aec9f.gif Blessed d'hide boots - 10M 

195px-Crystal_shield_detail.png.ca6854d1023c70b6d3866985fbb09d97.png Crystal shield - 10M


Mage gear



Kodai wand detail.png Kodai wand - N/A

Trident of the seas detail.png Trident of the seas - 40M

Staff of the dead detail.pngStaff of the dead detail.png Staff of the dead - 30M

Magic fang detail.png Magic fang - 20 to 30M

Master wand detail.png  Master Wand - 5M

152993702_225px-Thammarons_sceptre_(u)_detail.png.237805de5bcf623561ac92541bbb5445.png Thammaron's sceptre - 1M



Ancestral hat.png Ancestral hat - 350M

Ancestral robe top.png Ancestral robe top - 450M

Ancestral robe bottom.png Ancestral robe bottoms - 400M

Occult necklace.png Occult Necklace - 80M

Infinity hat.pngInfinity top.pngInfinity bottoms.png Infinity robe armour - 5M 

225px-Infinity_gloves_detail.png.55490c85cd87ada4bc41164b8fcc83d0.png Infinity gloves - 5M

 180px-Infinity_boots_detail.png.f1733d6018767490989bdddc6689304d.png infinity boots - 20m

Eternal crystal detail.png Eternal crystal - 80 to 100M

Malediction ward detail.png  Malediction ward - 30M

Ancient wyvern shield detail.png Ancient wyvern shield - 40M

Tome of fire (empty) detail.png Tome of fire - 80M

Imbued heart detail.png imbued heart - 40M

Mage's book detail.png Mages book - 25M

Dagon'hai hat.png Dagon'hai hat - N/A

Näytä lähdekuva Dagon'hai robe top - N/A

Näytä lähdekuva Dagon'hai robe bottom - N/A

Elder chaos hood.png: Elder Chaos druid drops Elder chaos hood with rarity 1/1,419 in quantity 1 Elder chaos hood - 20 to 25M

Elder chaos top.png: Elder Chaos druid drops Elder chaos top with rarity 1/1,419 in quantity 1 Elder chaos top - 30M

Elder chaos robe.png: Elder Chaos druid drops Elder chaos robe with rarity 1/1,419 in quantity 1 Elder chaos bottoms - 25M


Spirit shields

Elysian spirit shield Elysian spirit shield - N/A

Arcane spirit shield Arcane spirit shield - n/A

Spectral spirit shield Spectral spirit shield - N/A

Blessed spirit shield Blessed spirit shield - 10M

180px-Spirit_shield_detail.png.e87587328bd9ac012f111ebc542c4023.png Spirit shield - 2.5M

135px-Holy_elixir_detail.png.ea90bf7916f13100d8c11e2da42628d0.png Holy elixir - 5M




3rd age gear:

Urk1UFN.pngsDwl1Pm.png0lrKmub.png3eCUds3.png 3rd age melee armour - 30 to 50M - set 200M

nW3SAMi.pngmL3d5OJ.pngUEsIF88.pngPSDflqZ.png 3rd age range armour - 20 to 40M -  set 150M

Y7O96cf.png GYQ8OJe.pngZYd8oat.png 3rd age mage armour - 25 to 40M - set 120M

180px-3rd_age_bow_detail.png.1351fff3e6a6cb4379eb06b97bd46b55.png 3rd age bow - 150M

3rd age longsword.png 3rd age longsword - 150M

xuSf7jK.png 3rd age cloak - 50M 

NAaDt36.png3rd age amulet -15M



288853481_gildedfullhelm.png.15f3cfbf1b0a5b9240c3a1bca1fa95b2.pngNäytä lähdekuvaNäytä lähdekuvaNäytä lähdekuva Gilded armour - 20 to 30M 

Näytä lähdekuva Gilded scimitar - 70M

Näytä lähdekuva Gilded 2h sword - 40M

Näytä lähdekuva Gilded boots - 60M 

Näytä lähdekuva Gilded hasta - 20M

Näytä lähdekuva Gilded spear - 20M

Näytä lähdekuva Gilded defender - 20M


Dragonstone armour:

180px-Dragonstone_full_helm_detail.png.c4629381158467b42a0ad5092e270ca1.png255px-Dragonstone_platebody_detail.png.69225cf8d8f3c6be8869556f9ce75fbb.png120px-Dragonstone_platelegs_detail.png.b9dfc00c10a4d0df13fe6616d4871509.png Dragonstone armour pieces - 15 to 20M

195px-Dragonstone_gauntlets_detail.png.89f08fd6ebb6be1978fc0da9d2c997e5.png Dragonstone gauntlets - 10 to 15M

195px-Dragonstone_boots_detail.png.599200e451825f974f39c59dd14b451f.png Dragonstone boots - 10 to 15M

Set - 100M



Näytä lähdekuva Sled - 800M to 1B

Christmas_cracker.png?27620 Christmas cracker - 800M to 1B

 225px-Scythe_detail.png.8e975e444731a37cc519571fdc3cc7ea.pngscythe - 1B

180px-Bunny_ears_detail.png.2496c2f54cc91ea635abdcfd751add76.png Bunny ears - 5M

Näytä lähdekuvaNäytä lähdekuvaNäytä lähdekuva Party hats - 800M to 1B

JKP0kr4.png black party hat - 1.5B

je8aH3V.png Partyhat & specs - 1.5B

AtrxRql.png Rainbow party hat - 2B

Näytä lähdekuva Santa hat - 1.5B

 195px-Inverted_santa_hat_detail.png.55aa618f780b8577006b9d1c834d1b78.pnginverted santa hat - 1.5B

Näytä lähdekuva Black santa hat - 2B

Näytä lähdekuvaNäytä lähdekuvaNäytä lähdekuva halloween masks - 1B

6pXXNW2.png Black halloween mask - 1.5B


Skilling supplies

Magic_seed_5.png.89389225bf9c77571ffc6ce7c27839d0.png Magic seed - 200k

za3M8hc.png Superior bones - 75 to 100K

180px-Runite_bar_detail.png.a04d6565673c01bc9c8126ebd38fdd4a.png Runite bars - 20K

195px-Runite_ore_detail.png.b3f8cb8ddf4ea939c8116f5bc89f344f.png Runite ore - 20k

Magic_logs_detail_animated.gif.73711e8c9b3d14dc07897781c562df28.gif Magic logs - 20K

195px-Mahogany_plank_detail.png.0f7cffd0b385ba195f4d98f20de0e30b.png Mahogany planks - 5K

240px-Raw_anglerfish_detail.png.c1bf7c3411280dbac15532cd3240a048.png Raw angler - 4K

225px-Grapes_detail.png.a7613786dd87864eafb49748e7bbd6be.pngGrapes - 1K ea

225px-Rune_essence_detail.png.eb5836a07487513a60895e4696024845.png Pure essence -500gp ea
















max cash.png

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