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app-icons-youtube.thumb.png.08fab06cfc5a2a895321c512db1584ed.png Intro To BoomScape YouTube Competitionapp-icons-youtube.thumb.png.08fab06cfc5a2a895321c512db1584ed.png


Hello everyone, the entire staff and I are proud to announce we will be hosting our first YouTube video competition!

You can find our brand new YouTube page here: 


- Must be subscribed to the server YouTube channel

- Leave a link to your video here:

- Video must last duration of 30 seconds

- Must include different areas /elements around BoomScape (not just standing in one place, we want to see how creative you all are, make this exciting!)

- Event will run from Sunday, March 14th- Sunday, March 24th 

- Title the video "GUIDENAME - BoomScape OSRS RSPS"

- Include the following description in the video

Click here to PLAY BoomScape

Join BoomScape's Discord Server

Join the Discussion on BoomScape forums

What we are looking for



-How informative the video is


-First place: 500 bonds

-Second place: 200 bonds

-Third Place: 100 bonds

We wish everyone the best of luck, and we can't wait to see what you guys create!

Best Wishes, The BoomScape Staff





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