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BoomScape is an OSRS RSPS made to accommodate players of all types, this is achieved by using the Runelite client and having an Android version as well. 

In Boomscape you can become a skiller, a PVMer, a PVPer, or anything you put your mind to.

BoomScape is a pure OSRS experience, as there are no customs, with increased experience rates of 40x skilling and 10x combat. BoomScape also offers a wonderful social experience as there is no trading post or grand exchange so you have interact with our great community.



Boomscape is played on the RuneLite client, and also Android platforms. It offers many great plugins to help you out on your adventures.

Whether it is in skilling, pvm, clue scrolls, etc. RuneLite has a plugin that will help you out.

It helps in various ways, such as where to click during agility, or what to pray during Jad so you do not get one hit.



For those who don't like social interaction or want the hardest challenge on BoomScape, we offer ironman mode and hardcore ironman mode, where you can only die once before losing your hardcore ironman status.
The ironmen can not receive items from other players and have to collect everything on their own. The ironmen have the same experience rates as regular players.



Boomscape offers a variety of minigames including:

Wintertodt, Nightmare Zone, Aerial Fishing, Duel Arena, Flower Poker, Castle Wars, Barrows, Motherlode Mine, Pest Control, Inferno and many more! All are fully functioning and work like a charm.



Boomscape offers all 23 skills that OSRS has to offer. If you always wanted that slayer skill cape but still wanted a life, don't worry! Our 40x skilling experience rates still make it fun to train but quicker to obtain that skill cape.



BoomScape has bounty hunter to please the pkers. Bounty hunter rewards those who can thrive in the wildy with great gear or money. For those who don't want to partake, you can choose to disable bounty hunter targeting, but be cautious as the wildy is still full of powerful bosses and dangerous pkers determined to hunt you down.



For those more pvm focused, BoomScape has revenants which can offer great money and powerful weapons that can be used in the wilderness. You just have to be weary of pkers.



Boomscape has a bunch of fully working bosses for you pvm lovers! Some of them include:

Zulrah, Cerberus, Vorktath, Alchemical Hydra, Godwars, Corporeal Beast, and many more!



If you become a BoomScape veteran, you will never become bored because BoomScape has fully working Chambers of Xeric.

This includes the whole raid unlike some other RSPS that take away the fun and just give you Olm. Just be prepared and grab your friends because CoX is not an easy feat alone. Also Theatre of Blood is coming soon to BoomScape for an even greater challenge.


Click here to play today!


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