Pet Drop Event (MARCH) *CLOSED*


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Hey everyone, our newest event is going to be a pet drop event.There will be two categories

a skill pet drop and a boss pet drop. There will be a winner for each category. A winner

is crowned when the first pet is dropped in that category. Example: I get a 100kc KBD pet and

5 minutes later Mosey gets a 1kc Zulrah pet, I would win the event because I got the drop




No phoenix pet is allowed as it is very common.

Event will run until two winners are crowned.

Full pet list:

Only skilling and boss pets are able to win.

If mod is not on at the time the drop happens, take a screenshot of the

annoucement with time included and post it to this thread.


Bossing Pet Drop- Skeleton Outfit and Volcanic Whip Mix

Won by Maddy with a Kraken Pet 03/29/2021 

Skilling Pet Drop- Cow outfit and Dragon Pickaxe Upgrade Kit

Won by BBK Simmo with a Rocky Pet 03/25/2021 


Good luck everyone! Let RNG be on your side!


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