Flower Poker Rules


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White flowers equipped.png  Flower Poker RulesBlack flowers equipped.png

*We aren't liable if you lose all your money, always record every bet otherwise admins can not help if you are scammed*


Flower poker is a way to gamble against another player in boomscape. It is

done by planting 5 mithril seeds at the same time and the player with the best

"hand" wins. To bet, you can either trust each other to payout or get a staff member

to middleman. 



There are 9 total different "hands" in flower poker when planting 5 flowers.

Winning Hands(Best to worst):

*Pairs can be of any color*

Red flowers.pngRed flowers.pngRed flowers.pngRed flowers.pngRed flowers.png - 5 pair: Beats everything

Red flowers.pngRed flowers.pngRed flowers.pngRed flowers.pngYellow flowers.png - 4 pair: Beats full house and lower 

Red flowers.pngRed flowers.pngRed flowers.pngYellow flowers.pngYellow flowers.png - Fullhouse: Beats 2 pair and 3 of a kind

Red flowers.pngRed flowers.pngRed flowers.pngYellow flowers.pngBlue flowers.png - 3 of a kind: Beats 2 pair

Red flowers.pngRed flowers.pngYellow flowers.pngBlue flowers.pngBlue flowers.png- 2 pair: Beats 1 pair

Red flowers.pngRed flowers.pngYellow flowers.pngBlue flowers.pngAssorted flowers.png -  1 pair: Beats bust

Red flowers.pngYellow flowers.pngBlue flowers.pngAssorted flowers.pngMixed flowers.png - Bust: Worst possible hand. Beats nothing

Black flowers.png - Black: Insta Win for planter or replant if opponent plants one too

White flowers.png - White: Both players replant

If both people have the same "hand", then you both replant.


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