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Red flowers - OSRS WikiHot or Cold Purple flowers detail.png

*We aren't liable if you lose all your money, always record every bet otherwise admins can not help if you are scammed*


Hot or Cold is probably the easiest Flowergame to learn on BoomScape.

You will find a trusted host, either a staff member or host rank, within the 'Gambling Zone'.

Always use a middleman.

Hot or Cold is based on hot and cold colors. After you place your bet you will say "hot" or "cold". The host will plant the mithril seed and you will either win or lose.


-Find a trusted host (most host will say "hot or cold x2")

-Place your bet with you host

-Decide on whether you want to be on "hot" or "cold"

-If you win collect your winnings if you lose, better luck next time! 

Hot Flowers:
Cold Flowers:
Host Wins:





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