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  1. BoomScape Latest Updates GIM Teams can now be up to 10 players Presets now reset HP/Toxins/Stats/Special Attack Ironmen can now remove their Ironman status through Adam Fixed an issue with some Yew Tree's being unchoppable Achievements will now send to Discord (aka levels) Reaching the max level will now send out a global message alerting people you have reached max Reset stats dialouge through max has been fixed & Iron's get to reset stats at half the price Fixed an issue with Imbued & Max Imbued Magic Capes giving the wrong IDs Fixed an issue with NMZ where if you DC'd or logged out during the NMZ you wouldn't receive the points Gardin's default dialouge has been removed Dragon Claws ID has been updated to the correct one from Cox Rewards Corrected the Discord URL for joining BoomScape Discord in-game Wilderness Keys are now Rewarded instead of 'monkeys' for PvP kills randomly
  2. Latest BoomScape Update This update comes with the release of a full Grand Exchange system, currently functions such as 'History' & 'Sets' are disabled for now until a future update! Fixed a few issues with items on the 'brake' list Fixed an issue with a few ornament kits not working Fixed a few issues with Max Capes not requiring all 99's The Bruma Torch now functions as a Tinder Box at Wintertodt All Mystery Boxes can now be gifted Cache Update The map at the home area has been slightly altered, with the removal of the duel arena, and addition of a Grand Exchange section in the bank, the bank size being slightly increased! Few NPCs have been moved about slightly along with a few other new coord changes.
  3. New Updates Ultimate Mystery Boxes are now in the Bonds store Ultimate Mystery Boxes now give full sets for PvP armours/weapons Removed the Rogues Crate interface due to an issue happening on Mobile, this will now be done through an options dialogue Ale of Gods now does the correct animations Rainbow Partyhat is now tradeable You can now reset certain levels through Mac for a fee! You can now speak to Watson to skip Clue Scrolls and get the casket! Fixed an issue with Presets Interface crashing on Mobile  Smaller update than usual, I've been very ill these past few weeks and hope to recover and pump out more updates for BoomScape!
  4. Latest BoomScape Update Bug Fixes - Fixed an issue with VLS Specs damage - Fixed an issue happening when doing Skillcape Emotes - Fixed an issue happening with Ava's New Additions to BoomScape - Collection log now fully functions correctly fixing the following Killcounts now display in Collection Log KC for Revs & Gloughs Experiments now has a listner Xeric Rewards now contribute to the log Clue Scroll Rewards now contribute to the log Barrows Rewards now contribute to the log Shop Items now contribute to the log Pets now contribute to the log Wintertodt rewards now contribute to the log Unsired loot now contribute to the log Eternal Glory now contribute to the log Pest Control now contribute to the log Elite Void now contribute to the log - Skull Sceptre can now be combined - You can now Gift Ultimate & Cosmetic Mystery Boxes - Allowed PvP Armours to be worn & tested in POH - COX Unqiue Loot is now broadcasted in-game - New Ultimate Mystery Box has been added to the Store - Crystal Crowns can now be combined with the different Crystals Cache Changes - Ultimate Mystery Box model added - Few various fixed to the cache structure
  5. Latest BoomScape Update PvP Updates Wilderness Weapons & Armours have been added including the following; Statius Vesta Zuriel Morrigan' The Wilderness armours & weapons will turn to 'Ash' upon death in the Wilderness & are only usable within the Wilderness. The armours & weapons will be obtainable by any NPC above level 20 Wilderness and can also be obtained through PvP Keys. Johnny has provided a more detailed thread regarding this which can b found here PvP Keys have been buffed, previously 50/1, now 25/1 rate in PvP PvP Chest has been added to home so you can unlock potentinally great loot... Bug Fixed Fixed an issue in MLM which wouldn't allow access to the second level with the achievement unlocked Fixed an issue with the 'Reset' option on Box Traps for Hunter Corrected the functionality of how different Avas devices work to the correct methods Super Combat Potion can now be made with Unfinished Torstols Pots Fixed an issue with Mining & Farming Guild teleport favouriting Fixed an issue with no multi-dose pots Fixed incorrect POH storage amounts Misc Added in-game commands for the normal Admin role (For Mikko <3) Donators can now benefit from Slayer Task Cancelling which is now decreased depending on the rank; Emerald - 25 | Ruby - 20 | Diamond - 15 | Dragonstone - 10 | Onyx - 0 points. Added the 'Revert' option functionality on Crystal Weapons/Armours Added a Boosted COX Command Added Xerician Armours Crafting Ability
  6. Latest BoomScape Update New additions to BoomScape Presets have been added to the game, these can be accessed in set locations, Johnny has written a detailed thread regarding how it all works! The preset menu can be accessed by selecting the new Preset option in the Equiptment section Dragon'Hai stats have now been corrected Pearl Barbarian Rod functionallity added Full dialogue added to The Little Nightmare Pet (Nightmare coming soon) Dragonstones from the Crystal Key chest are now noted Uncut Onyx added to TzHaar shops for 1,000,000 Tokkul Changes to the core Packet System Changes to the core Banking System Super Mystery Box Loot Chances Buffed Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where winners of the lotto would cause them to null on server restarts Fixed an issue where GIM accounts could remove their Iron status Fixed an issue with fishing Anglers with Pearl Rod causing it to ask for a fountain Corrected the animations for the Pearl & Pearl Babarian rods Greater Demons in the wilderness now have a drop table Removed individual drops for Looting Bag on NPCs Cache Changes Cache has been updated in the latest game update which means to gain the latest from BoomScape please reload your clients! Presets System added including CS2s Changes in the Quest Tab for text Various other small changes For a full insight on how the new presets system works check the thread
  7. New Addtions Darkmeyer added with the addition of Blood Fury and Blood fury drop Rug merchants added in the Al Kharid Desert Heroes' Guild recharging addded & doors/ladders fixed Mining rocks, speed of respawn rates decreased (now re-spawn quicker) Bug fixes Fixed a few issue with Zahur potion cleaning/unfinished potion making Fixed a few issues with shops Fixed an issue with the world selector on the login page where it would null that client session Fixed an issue when you login with incorrect password and the wrong message was shown
  8. The greatest interview that has ever taken place @Ash Lauren
  9. BoomScape Updates Zahur now functions for Herb cleaning, Unfinished pot making & Decanting Oily Rod can now be made Phoenix Pet now global alerts the server when achieved Nightmare Staff combining now works Jimmy Dazzler' shop has been updated BoomScape Bug Fixed Fixed an issue with Autocast switch Fixed an issue with Damned amulet & full Ahrims not allowing autocast Mythical Cape is now returned when removing in POH XP Lamps now give experience based on the fixed level instead of the current level Graphical issue with Prospector top fixed Updated a few issues with Smoke Devil Dungeon checks for slayer helm Cache Changes Imbue option now displays in the Nightmarezone shop Group Ironman Interface/Base added (GIM is not added yet) Nightmare Staffs now have there special attack options working Buy X is now shown in Shops
  10. Changes to BoomScape Vengeance Other Spell Added Nail Beast Nails added to Herblore Shop for Sanfew Serum Added Explorers Ring to Vote Shop Clue Reward Caskets now stack when completing Clues Added correct configs for Twisted Slayer Helm Spinach rolls are now edible Oysters can now be opened Larrans Key chest Drop Table updated You can now select Stats for Rewards in Pest Control You can now select Resource for Rewards in Pest Control Bugs Fixed Fixed an issue with Potion creation in Raids Fixed an issue with Kourend Head Guards Med Clue drop rate Fixed an issue with Prifddinas agility 'null' spots & added counter for course Fixed an issue with the Special Attack on Dragon/Zammy Spears Fixed a few incorrect dig spots for Clues Fixed Slayer Ring/Eternal Slayer Ring options Fixed an issue with Blowpipe not inflicting venom Fixed an issue where DFS/Ancient Wyvern Special attack could null you Doors Fixed Ranging Guild Door Wizard Guild Doors Farming Guild Door Piscatoris Door & Agility Shortcut Relekka Door fixed for access to a shop
  11. Changes to BoomScape Login Delay is now fixed (Previously was taking 30~ seconds to login to BoomScape) Battlemage Potion & Divine Battlemage Potion functionality added Players Online now shows on the Discord Bot, you can also type ::online in Discord and the bot will tell you the current amount of players Donator Store updated Donator Island Store updated Purple Sweets eating functionality added TOB Items are now avaliable in COX Halfed the rate per points for a unique chance in COX Bugs Corrected the medium clue donator item Corrected the IDs for Spooky/Spookier Outfit
  12. @99sCan you update the list?
  13. Cosmetic Mystery Box Common Table Snow Imp Costume Mourner Gear Skeleton Outfit Zombie Outfit Spooky Outfit Spookier Outfit Mime Outfit Menephite Clothing (Red) Menephite Clothing (Purple) Bunny Outfit Chicken Outfit Evil Chicken Outfit Prince Outfit Princess Outfit Super Rare Table Crate with Zanik Jack Lantern Mask Jonas Mask Easter Bunny Mask Easter Basket Sled Sack of Presents Green H'ween Blue H'ween Red H'ween Black H'ween Santa Hat Black Santa Hat Inverted Santa Hat Red Party Hat Yellow Party Hat Blue Party Hat Green Party Hat Purple Party Hat White Party Hat Black Party Hat Rainbow Party Hat Partyhat & Specs
  14. Changes To BoomScape Billgates (lottery) will now randomly display the current jackpot amount & the feed will also display the current jackpot amount Well of Goodwill now displays the amount of GP currently added to the well Super Mystery Boxes Loot Table Changed & Changed items that are globally announced New Items added to Donator Store (Webstore) Autocasts will now save when switching between weapons Combat Dummy now functions at POH Herblore Cape now allows grimy herbs to be mixed directly with Vials of Water Loot Drop Notifications have been added Untradeable loot Notifications have been added Drop item warnings added Explorers Ring 4 Teleport added & added to Vote Shop Bug Fixes Kraken Instance has now been fixed Issue with lottery not loading winners correctly on server restarts fixed Fixed an issue with creating Eternal Slayer Rings Sand Crabs is now in the Multi Zone Updated to correct coords for a clue scroll Vasa Nistirio math on stun damage fixed Fixed issues with deaths at POH Misc Few slight cache changes (mainly for item options)
  15. New Additions to BoomScape Added the options for Teletabs (Varrock & Camelot) toggles & other teleport options Added Obstacle Entrance functionality for Barbarian Course Added uncharge options for Imbued Black Mask & Ring of Suffering Added the Pollnivneach Rooftop course Added lap counter text for all Rooftop courses Wilderness Slayer Cave entrances have been added Wilderness Slayer Cave NPC Spawns have been added Dark Relic functionality added Tormented Bracelet & Kodai Wand combining added Added a new 'Fashion Scape' Shop Added agility shortcut at Fossil Island Well of Goodwill added Lottery System added Bugs fixed Bounty Hunter Targetting options now save when logging out Fixed functionality for 'x' amount right click option in bank interface Fixed an issue where Regen Bracelet didn't double HP regen Brine Sabre now works for slashing through webs Changed Rev weapon drops to correct IDs Fixed an issue with Varbit change for Kalphite Lair Fixed issues with Player Combat resets not removing boosted stats Fixed an issue where you couldn't 'spam pickpocket' Fixed an issue with Toktz-xil-ak/ek Added correct weapon type for Void Knights Mace Added correct attack styles for Staff of dead Added correct attack styles for Staff of balance Additional changes Removed Crystal acorn from Enhance Crystal Key Updated Cache (Fixes issue with some textures, and reverted Dice Bag options to allow functionality) Updated Loyalty Shop Updated Vote Rewards Shop Updated the way Vote Bonus Exp works, now it'll add 20minutes per vote box opened rather than being set per ;;claim
  16. Lottery & Well Systems are being worked on currently ?
  17. Fixed issues with Jewellery moulding Added Mould amounts relative to the player Fixed an issue with nulling out reward points in NMZ Updated Crystal Bow ID from Singing Bowl Changed the order of giving/removing items at singing bowl Fixed respawn issues in Raids Fixed Olm nulling in Raids Added functionality for shop buy amounts on Mobile
  18. Fixed an issue with Olm nulling at death stage (more fixes to come currently using a workaround) Removed JDA (previous discord integration) Added the creation for Mahogany Stocks Updated Cache to sort issues with mapping Added a Furnace & Anvils to Donator Zone Removed Blood Money from Wilderness Loot Boxes Supply PVP Chest Rate for Rare is now 1/75 previously 1/100
  19. Fixed issue with Jewllery Box in POH Fixed issue with Climb Object for Clue Scroll Fixed issue with some climb objects causing null issues Fixed an issue with Godwar Doors after cache update Fixed an issue with DK ladder after cache update Added Martin Master Farmer to Pickpocket Some cache updates applied
  20. Updates 05/05/21 - Cache updated to OSRS #193 allowing us to use the latest OSRS bosses/maps etc - Ferox Enclave barried & safe barriers added - Clan Wars Portal Exit/Entrance updated to Ferox Enclave area - Added Ferox Enclave to Ring of Dueling teleports - Xteas & Region Keys updated to allow updated cache to function correctly - Fixed an issue with Wintertodt actions being cancelled when hit by the cold - Updated Tekton drops to guarnte correct items - Fixed issues with Vasa Nistirio in raids - Added Combat Defs to Glowing Crystal - Fixed an issue with trading where the player would receive > than max integer causing a nulled cash stack - Updated a few commands - Force combat added to NPC logic - Changed sell price of crafting items - Added Ecumenical Key to general store for 10m - Updated ID for Farming Trousers - Changed Sarachnis Cudgel Drop Rate & Amount Dropped - Added Skull left half to Ankou drop table - Changed Max Cape Requirements - Added Ape Atoll Teleport - Added Burning Amulet to Ajjat's Armoury - Added un-noted gems selling - Added Crystal Shards to Random Drop table Upcoming Updates - The Nightmare Boss - Issues with Olm/other Raid issues - Slayer Boss Task System - Login delay taking 30 seconds - Not being able to sell noted versions of items to shops - Stacked items on the floor not being removed correctly - Kraken Private Instance issues
  21. Perhaps make the armour degrade similar to a tentacle whip, i.e it has 5,000 charges before turning to 'dust'