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  1. Donator Zone/Shop Suggestions Event For this weekly event we are asking what you guys would like to see be added to the Donator Zone! ::dz A friendly reminder to try and keep all ideas as "balanced" as possible, as we aren't looking to make the Donator zone too "op" *Donator Shop Suggestions* As well as we would like to know what you guys want to see added to the donator shop! Information to know This event will be running from 4/17/21 until 4/20/21 ending at 11:59pm EST. We will be choosing 2 winners by random drawing Our winners will be receiving 2 ecumenical keys each which will be given to you by @Papa jor @James You may reply to this thread as many times as you'd like but it will not increase any chance of winning.  WINNERS: ItsKie Canni  Â
  2. Looks like I'm not winning both, congrats my man~!
  3. This is what I like to see ? coming back after getting cleaned. Let alone x2 lol! Have a good time man we will see you when you get back! ?
  4. Very clean my boy Â
  5. Great work as always brother, I learned a thing or two ?
  6. BoomScape Community Survey  Winner: DeadInside 2021-04-20 14-22-24.mp4 WE NEED YOUR HELP~REWARDS GIVEN @Ceejay and I have created a player survey that we need everyone to fill out! Everyone who fills this survey out will receive their choice of either 20 crystal keys OR their name entered in a random drawing to win 500 bonds! We want to know why out of the thousands of RSPS out there, what made you choose BoomScape? Reply to this forum thread with your answers to the survey and make sure to leave your IGN as well as your reward choice. A easy way to go about this is to copy and paste the survey in your reply and just simply erase the opposite of whatever your answer is. This survey will be accepting replies from 4/12/21 until 4/19/21 ending at 6pm EST. Your feedback is crucial in helping BoomScape reach its fullest potential!  Questionnaire REQUIRED SECTION OF THE SURVEY IGN: Reward wanted: Did any of the following influence your decision to download BoomScape: RuneLite Plugin Yes                no Mobile App Yes                 no Ironman Mode Yes                 no Raids Yes                 no Bosses & Pets Yes                 no Complete Player Owned Homes Yes                 no Regular Updates Yes                 no Flowers & Staking Yes                 no Wintertodt Yes                 no Number of Players Online Yes                 no   What was most important to you: Pking PvM Skilling and Grinding Does the low xp rate (20x & 40X) appeal to you: Yes No Do you like Mystery Boxes Yes No OPTIONAL SECTION OF SURVEY Please leave comments below regarding: How you found us (on list, or clicked ad?) Reason you joined not listed above Any other helpful information to be part of the growth in BoomScape   Â
  7. Fee collected, good luck Mr. Joe
  8. Buy in fee has been collected, good luck man!~
  9. Flower Poker Ladder Event Feeling lucky at all anyone? Our latest in game event is going to be a flower poker tournament style event. Rounds 1-3 will be best of 3 series, whilst the semi finals/finals will be a best of 5 series! We are going to be hosting this event tonight (4/10/21) at 10pm (GMT)! Click here to view the entire ladder created by:@Papa jwe will update this in real time! Click here: For the rules of Flower Poker RULES There will be a 10 million GP "buy in" fee to the this event, you may pay any available staff member. Must have a min. of 8 players registered to start the event. REPLY TO THIS POST WITH YOUR IGN TO BE REGISTERED Only 1 entry per person, no alts. You must use the designated lanes while participating in this event or you will forfeit your match. REWARDS 1st place: Super mystery box 2nd place: Mystery box  Good luck everyone! Can't wait to see you at the Gambling Zone! Congrats to @SleepyJoe on winning Flower Poker event for April~!