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  1. KING OF THE SKILL II GOAL To reach as many total levels as u can in 72h ( 11.9.2021 9pm EST - 14.9.2021 9pm EST) RULES 1.) The account used for king of the skill must have the prefix that will be given upon the event starting. 2.) The account must be an Hardcore Ironman. 3.) Donating on King of the skill accounts will result in disqualification. 4.) Account sharing will result in disqualification. 5.) If 2 (or more) players finish with the same total level the placements will be decided on total experience. 6.) You must log out prior to event ending in order to update Hiscores. HOW TO SIGN UP 1.) Join the Boomscape discord (https://discord.gg/fJYayUfEt8). 2.) Go to the #events channel on discord. 3.) Locate the King of the Skill post. 4.) React with the . PRIZES 1st. 1000 bonds 2nd. 500 bonds 3rd. 200 bonds
  2. GUIDE UPDATED, now on gonna look it up weekly if u have any notes feel free to speak ?
  3. well done sir
  4. join us i know u hate ants @Mikko @SleepyJoe #FUCKTHEANTS #FTA Â
  5. That was fast Gratz mushy and canniÂ
  6. good shit good shitÂ