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  1. A sawmill operator somewhere would be nice. Someone else mentioned tiers for donator rank, slightly better xp rates as you go up would be awesome. At least 1 tree, fruit tree and herb patch. Donator only slayer cave with all high tier (75+) slayer monsters Tears of Guthix direct teleport
  2. IGN: canni Reward wanted: 20 c keys cause i never win raffles xd Did any of the following influence your decision to download BoomScape: RuneLite Plugin                 no Mobile App Yes                 Ironman Mode Yes                 Raids                 no Bosses & Pets Yes                 Complete Player Owned Homes Yes                 Regular Updates God Yes                 Flowers & Staking               God no Wintertodt Yes                 Number of Players Online Yes                   What was most important to you: PvM is a big thing with me. Skilling and Grinding is the game...xd Does the low xp rate (20x & 40X) appeal to you: It's not that low xd Yes  Do you like Mystery Boxes Yes, the Super ones. Never got a regular one. However, the voting ones only ever give me gp and ckeys. Gotten dh legs twice and something else xd  OPTIONAL SECTION OF SURVEY Please leave comments below regarding: How you found us (on list, or clicked ad?) Neither. See below. Reason you joined not listed above A good friend from another server introduced me. I fell in love instantly because gp was so much harder to make, which told me the eco was way better. Any other helpful information to be part of the growth in BoomScape You guys are doing a great job. Keep the updates and fixes going. As well as little things like this.
  3. I vote no. The community aspect is what brought me to boomscape. I would be very sad to see this come into game and ruin what brings much nostalgia to alot of the players.