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  1. BoomScape Lotto How it works: Teleport to ::home and talk to Bill Gates standing west of the bank. Here you can buy lottery tickets for 5m each or claim your prize if you have won a lottery. Lottery Rules: -Tickets are 5m each -From each lottery there is a 30% tax, so if 40 tickets are bought then the winnings is 140m -Winners of the lottery are drawn every 8 hours -You can only buy 10 tickets per lottery on a account
  2. Well of Goodwill How it works: The well of goodwill will reward the whole server if you and others are generous. Every 300m coins that are added (total server not per person) will activate 2 hours of 30% bonus xp. Location: Teleport home (::home) and run southwest, its hard to miss.
  3. PVM BINGO PVM Bingo is BoomScape's version of bingo. To win you must be the first person to get an entire line of PvM drops on your bingo board. How to Play: After signing up on the discord post (more on how to do this later), you will be PM'd a personal bingo board link. Make sure to save this link for when the event starts. Once the event starts you will have to get the items on your board as PvM drops. Once you have got 5 in a row, PM a staff member who is currently on. Rules: -Must be a horizontal, vertical or diagonal bingo. -Must be a PvM drop, no pking or trading for items. This will be enforced with the #game-rare-drops channel -Drop must be in your name when PvMing with others. Rewards and Multipers: On the bingo board, some of the more rare items will have a multipler on them. If you manage to get a bingo with the multipler item or multiple multipler, you prize will increase if you win. Two prizes will be given out. 1 to the person who gets a bingo first and another to get 3 blue squares first. If you get a double multipler @Ceejay will payout 1b to you and if you get a 1.25 multipler you will get 250m from @Ceejay. First place prize: Blue skin recolor 3 blues Prize: Bonds How to Sign Up: -Join the BoomScape discord: -Go to #general and in the top right click the pinned icon -Look for the PvM bingo post and click jump -React to that post with the green check mark to enter Good luck to everyone!
  4. Gratz on the heron @canni
  5. Should make it use able only in Wildy in my opinon, can be overpowered in pvm.
  6.   Pet Drop Event Hey everyone, it's time for the monthly pet drop event.There will be two categories a skill pet drop and a boss pet drop. There will be a winner for each category. A winner is crowned when the first pet is dropped in that category. Example: I get a 100kc KBD pet and 5 minutes later Mosey gets a 1kc Zulrah pet, I would win the event because I got the drop first.  Rules: No phoenix pet is allowed as it is very common. Event will run until two winners are crowned. Full pet list: Only skilling and boss pets are able to win. If mod is not on at the time the drop happens, take a screenshot of the annoucement with time included and post it to this thread. Rewards: *Don't worry if you missed out of the prizes for the last month, there is a rotation of prizes and those will be avabile again in the future to win* Bossing Pet Drop- Grave Digger Outfit and Large Spade Winner: The Mushy Pet K'rill Tsutsaroth 5/4/2021 Skilling Pet Drop- Mourner Outfit and Severed Leg Winner: @canniHeron Pet 5/3/2021 #spoon  To claim the rewards wait for an admin or mod to be on and we will trade you  Good luck everyone! Let RNG be on your side!
  7. Con's Agility Guide Intro: Agility is one of the more annoying and pointless skills on BoomScape but has to be done if you want to max. I will be going through the fastest way to 99. There are other options ,but why make this grind slower than it has to be? *If you are on Runelite, turn on the plugin "Agility" because it will show you where to click and make it a little more afk* Graceful Outfit: Graceful is different on BoomScape than in OSRS. This is because on BoomScape we have unlimited run energy, except for the wildy, so we decided to give graceful an xp bonus per piece similar to the rogue's outfit. GRACEFUL IS HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR THIS GRIND. It can be obtained either through the donator store for $10, or through the agility roof top course, although getting it through agility will significantly slow down your grind. The full graceful set gives a 3.7x xp boost so each piece gives about a 0.7x xp boost. Obtaining graceful in game: During rooftop courses, marks of grace will randomly spawn each time you start a new lap. The amount that spawns depends on your donator rank and you can check this on ::thread 12. The marks of grace can be spent at Grace who is found at the Rogue's den in Burthope. The price for each piece is as follows: - 35 marks - 55 marks - 60 marks - 30 marks - 40 marks - 40 marks Graceful pieces can also be recolored by using each piece on Grace. 1-30 Gnome Stronghold: Getting there: ::home > nexus > cities > Tree Gnome Stronghold From here run south to the agility course *We skip lower level rooftop courses to reduce teleporting and time wasted* Xp needed for level 30: 13,363 xp Xp per lap (No graceful): 3,320 xp Laps needed: About 4 laps, may have to do one extra Xp per lap(Graceful): 12,284 xp Laps needed: About 2 laps 30-50 Varrock Rooftop Course: *We skip lower Canifis rooftop course because it only gives 80 xp more* Getting there: ::home > nexus > cities > Varrock Run southeast to east side of general store to start Xp needed for level 50: 87,970 xp Xp per lap(No graceful): 9,520 xp Laps needed: About 9 laps Xp per lap(Graceful): 35,224 xp Laps needed: About 3 laps 50-60 Falador Rooftop Course: *We skip lower Pollnivneach rooftop course because it is broken atm* Getting there: ::home > nexus > cities > Falador Run east following the path to the fountain and then go south Xp needed for level 60: 172,409 xp Xp per lap(No graceful): 17,600 xp Laps needed: About 10 laps Xp per lap(Graceful): 65,120 Laps needed: About 3 laps 60-80 Seer's Village Rooftop Course: Getting there: ::home > nexus > cities > Camelot Run west to the bank Xp needed for level 80: 1,712,326 xp Xp per lap(No graceful): 22,800 xp Laps needed: About 75 laps Xp per lap(Graceful): 84,360 xp Laps needed: About 18 laps 80-90 Rellekka Rooftop Course: Getting there: ::home > nexus > cities > Rellekka Run west to clothing store Xp needed for level 90: 3,360,264 xp Xp per lap(No graceful): 31,200 xp Laps needed: About 107 laps Xp per lap(Graceful): 115,440 xp Laps needed: About 29 laps 90-99 Ardougne Rooftop Course: Getting there: ::home > nexus > cities > Ardougne Run southeast Xp needed for level 99: 7,688,099 xp Xp per lap(No graceful): 31,720 xp Laps needed: About 242 laps Xp per lap(Graceful): 117,364 xp Laps needed: About 66 laps Hope you enjoyed my guide!
  8. Gzzz @13ustym1lfson the kraken pet!
  9. IGN: Con Reward wanted: 20 Ckeys Did any of the following influence your decision to download BoomScape: RuneLite Plugin Yes                Mobile App Yes              Ironman Mode Yes              Raids Yes               Bosses & Pets Yes                 Complete Player Owned Homes Yes                Regular Updates Yes            Flowers & Staking No           Wintertodt Yes              Number of Players Online No   What was most important to you: PvM Does the low xp rate (20x & 40X) appeal to you: Yes Do you like Mystery Boxes For mains but not for ironman OPTIONAL SECTION OF SURVEY How you found us (on list, or clicked ad?): Found on one of the RSPS lists. Â
  10. Gratz on Rocky pet @Ceejay
  11. Weekly and Monthly Event Schedule *Event schedule restarts first of every month* *There are no set times when each event will happen* Weekly Events Every Weekend | Boosted Bosses A few bosses will be chosen each weekend to have increased drop rates. These bosses will be rotated and balanced to ensure it's not boosted too often. 1st Week | Hide and Seek Multiple rounds of hide and seek, each round getting harder and prizes getting better. First to trade the person that is hiding wins. 2nd Week | Forum Event This event can vary but can include: introduction event, survey events, youtube events, etc. Winners may be chosen at random, or by who has the best entry. 3rd Week | PvP Tournament/Event This could be any sort of PvP related event, such as DH/pure/NH tournament, boxing/DDS bracket, or more. 4th Week | Scavenger Hunt An item will be described and the first person to trade the host with that item will win. 5th Week | Surprise Event If there is a 5th week that month, this could include any events from above or some new special event. Monthly Events Pet Drop Event: Starts on the 1st of every month First to get a skilling or boss pet gets a prize listed on the corresponding event post. (They change each month) Big Monthly Event: Happens on the last weekend of every month This event could be a range of things such as flower poker events, Pk events, boss mass, etc. Wait to see what comes.
  12. How to Get Master Clues Master clues are the highest level clue scroll and offer some great rewards, the best in my opinion is the bloodhound pet. They are just like the other tier clues on BoomScape but are slightly longer than the others. They are only obtainable in two ways: 1. Getting it from a lower level clue Pretty self explanatory, you complete an easy, medium, hard, or elite clue and you have a chance of receiving a master clue as a reward. 2. Trading in clues to get a master clue At ::home, north of the bank and nexus, is a man named Watson. He can take the 4 previous tier clue scrolls (easy, medium, hard, and elite) and will give you one master clue for them. You do not need all 4 at a time, you can get one and trade it in, then come back once you have the others or one more. *The clues can not be in scroll box form and Watson can only hold one type of each clue* Once you trade all 4 clues to Watson he will give you a master clue scroll box. After this you can trade more clues in for more. Rewards from master clues: Happy hunting!
  13. Useful Runelite Plugins What is Runelite? Runelite is a 3rd party runescape client that has many helpful interfaces and features that improve the quality of life for osrs and BoomScape. It ranges from helping with boss mechanics to telling you when you stop doing an action, though this can be annoying. Turning off idle notifications: In settings on runelite look up "Idle Notifer" and turn it off. If you only want notifications for a few things you can click on the gear and modify what actions set off the notification and how often. Useful Plugins: "GPU" Allows you to turn up the draw distance so you can see father in game and be able to click things that are farther away. Note, this does require a decent gpu to run. *If you crash in certain areas you may need to disable it* "Animation Smoothing" Makes animations of the game a lot more fluid and smooth. "Clue Scroll" Helps you solve clue scrolls by telling you where to go, who to talk to, or where to dig. Note, some clues are broken on BoomScape so do not always rely on this. "Player Indicators" Shows people's names above there head, you can choose to enable it for clan members, friends, or all players and choose custom colors for each. "Ground Items" Highlights and shows the name of items on the ground. Can be customized to have different colored text depending on the price of the item. (Price is based off of OSRS prices). "Ground Markers" Allows the marking of tiles on the ground. This can be done by using shift+right click and choosing mark tile. This can be helpful for bossing for remembering safespots or where to move. "Loot Tracker" Adds a widget onto Runelite that tracks all the loot you recieve from a certain type of monster. Also tracks how many you kill. (Resets everytime the client is closed) "Xp Tracker" Tracks your xp gained and how much xp per hour you are getting. "Camera Zoom" Allows you to set higher and lower camera zoom bounds. "Key Remapping" Allows you to use WASD to move the camera around and be able to use number keys as F keys. "Agility" Shows you where to click on agility courses, makes agility a lot more afk in my opinion. Developer Tools: A lot of things here aren't very useful, but Detached Camera can be useful if you are making a video or if you find a bug. These can be useful for debugging: NPCs, Game Objects, or Ground Objects. James or Papa J may ask you for the ID of a thing and this is how you would get it.