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  1. Sky

    Wall Street

    Welcome to Wall street. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Fuck the current economy. Let's crash it like it's 1929. Anyone willing to help us grind out high end items and sell them until the economy literally crumbles down to a non-dogshite level, comment below.  Thanks.
  2. IGN: Sky Reward wanted: Sleeeeeed Did any of the following influence your decision to download BoomScape: RuneLite Plugin                 no Mobile App                no Ironman Mode                no Raids                 no Bosses & Pets                no Complete Player Owned Homes               no Regular Updates Yes               Flowers & Staking                no Wintertodt                no Number of Players Online                 no   What was most important to you: Pking PvM Skilling and Grinding Events ^ Does the low xp rate (20x & 40X) appeal to you: Yes Do you like Mystery Boxes Yes  OPTIONAL SECTION OF SURVEY Please leave comments below regarding: How you found us (on list, or clicked ad?) On a list Reason you joined not listed above click on an older server version at random Any other helpful information to be part of the growth in BoomScape Events, youtube growth, community things
  3. Hello everyone, Some of you may have missed the FP Event from the other night, but luckily, we recorded it with our own commentary BoomScape FP Event Video Hope you enjoy!
  4. Sky is from the songname Sky is Over by Serj Tankian. Â One of my favourite musicians ever and the lead singer if System of a Down.
  5. Favourite Movie? The Hunchback of Notre Dame  Favourite TV Show? Atm B: The Beginning, Code Geass & Hunter X Hunter (All of them are on Netflix under Anime [I think])  Favourite Band/Artist? Alestorm and Chris Klafford
  6. Not trying to spam, simply resubmitting a video that's got more content and a cleaner edit to it  Boomscape Ad 2