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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. Title said all in my opinion ironman is way to easy, and should give a little challenge beside items should be XP aswell
  2.  Hello! Today i'm going to show you since many people were confused how to disable/deactivated Targets. First: Go to ur Quest Tab. Under "Presets" click on the middle icon. Make sure to stay out of the Wildy. fb28eb787a6374e9039c8c325a00abe9.mp4 Next Step Disable Target. Click "Disable Targeting" Now you won't get any Targets anymore  6556d64a46e94053acf97e170d11da4b.mp4  Now it should look like this:  Also what you can do if you only want to get Targets in Edge just click "Edgeville Only"   Thank you! and enjoy Wildy Slayer without get Spotted! - Ash Lauren
  3. Hey Kings! Our F2P Pk'ing Tournament : How it works? You fight till you die. Deathmatch fights and you will be in the next Round. (You are going to fight against your closed combat level) Information? Time to start the Event has been changed to : SATURDAY 7 PM EST The Rewards for our Event would be around Wildy. We will need to hit a minimum requirement for amount of players, that being 16. The Rewards: FIRST PLACE: Get 2 Good Casket. SECOND PLACE: Get 1 Good Casket. Example of opening 10 Good Casket: Potential Rewards: Master Wand Abyssal Tentacle Mage's Book Berserker Ring Seer's Ring Infinity Boots Pegasian Boots Primordial Boots Heavy Ballista Armadyl God Sword Bandos God Sword Abyssal Dagger Dragon Fireshield Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Amulet of Fury Dragon Claws THIRD PLACE: get 1 Medium Casket Example of opening 10 Medium Casket: Potential Rewards: Master Wand Abyssal Tentacle Rob Top of Darkness Robe Bottom of Darkness Granite Maul Mage's Book Dark Bow Berserker Necklace Dharok's Helm Dharok's Greataxe Dharok's Platebody Dharok's Platelegs Ahrim's Hood Ahrim's Robetop Ahrim's Robeskirt Dragon Boots Blessed Spirit Shield Berserker Ring Seer's Ring Infinity Boots Pegasian Boots Primordial Boots Heavy Ballista Amulet of Fury Everyone can play, even ironmans. We also changed, if you like lvl 90, U DONT get a 126 to fight against we mostly get closed combat to fight against you. We also got accounts if we don't find someone close your level: Ladder Tournament Layout: (the ladder will b edit like how many people will play) CLICK THE THREAD 160 FOR GEAR SETUP!
  4. Hey Kings, I was thinking about a F2P Pking Tournament. How it works? You fight till you die. Deathmatch fights and you will be in the next Round. Rewards Example of 10 Good Casket: Reward Example of 10 Medium Casket: (You are going to fight against ur closed combat level) As Pking F2P Gear i would suggest this gear: Â As example of a ladder Tournament: (the ladder will be edit like how many people will play) If you got any suggest in this Event what to change or add, let me know! or give me any Suggestion what kind of Event you want, please! Thank you! - Ash Lauren
  5. Most known NH/NS Clan in SoulSplit 2009-2013 returning. Only Og's of SS and OSRS will know. Benefits of joining? You will have alot of fun, Perma Pking, learning, Sharing PK Loots (if multi) and having a whole Wildy for you to kill bosses, revs, wildy slayer etc.. we got your back. What we do? Mostly around Pking, Clan Fights, Nsing. Goal: Control of Wildy, Top Tier NHers, can outlast in NS. Req: Choosen by Me. You need to have alot of Multi/NH/Hybrid experience MEMBERS: @Ash Lauren @Mak  #Tribe - It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. Â
  6. Not much "real" pk clips but.. yeah. going for it for the full video  Â
  7. Welcome to my official announcement & event topic! This topic is all around events and announcement of in-game events! What I'll do? I'll do mostly daily events in-game! Every event I'll host will be posted under here! What kind of events I host? At the moment only: - Hide and Seek - Quiz (question around the world) What are the rewards? The rewards are different everyday up from items to Bonds & Mbox What about timezone? I'll try to make it fair as possible for everyone and every timezone! What are the rules of any events? Hide and Seek: First to trade wins! that simple Quiz: I'll ask a question and who answer is right get's 1 Point, who reached the first 3 points wins the event! that's about it. If you have any Suggestions what kind of events you want to see or like let me know here! If you have any questions let me know! Thanks! - Ash Lauren