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  1. Con's Thieving Guide *All xp rates in this guide are without the rouge outfit* Intro: Thieving is a skill on BoomScape made to make money. It is great starter cash or if you need a little money to buy a new item. In this guide I'll talk about the money route to 99 and the fastest route to 99. Feel free to do either one, or a mix of both. During thieving you have chance of being visted by a pillory guard, dont worry just talk to him and you will recieve a xp lamp(I recommend farming because its slow till level 45). During pickpocketing only you have a chance to recieve a crate, in the crate you can choose a piece of rouge's equipment. Each piece gives a 1.25% xp bonus in thieving. Requirements: Time The will to click a lot Selling Stall Items: Trade the baker at ::home to sell the items from the stalls Golden Needle: 2k each Golden Hammer: 3k each Golden Candle: 4k each Golden Tinderbox: 5k each Golden Pot: 7k each 1-99: The guide will diverge at certain levels for faster xp or more money but both start the same. 1-5: Pickpocket from men at ::home 384 xp per pickpocket 2 pickpockets required for level 5 5-25: Steal from crafting stalls at ::home 1,200 xp per Golden Needles 2k gp per Golden Needles 7 needles to steal for level 25 14k profit 25-45: Steal from scimitar stalls at ::home 1800 xp per Golden Hammer 3k gp per Golden Hammer 30 hammers to steal for level 45 90k profit 45-75: Steal from magic stalls at ::home 2400 xp per Golden Candle 4k gp per Golden Candle 479 candles to steal for level 75 1.9m Profit 75-99 (Money): 75-90: Steal from general stalls at ::home 4,000 xp per Golden Tinderbox 5k gp per Golden Tinderbox 1,034 tinderboxes to steal for level 90 5.2m profit 90-99: Steal from food stalls at ::home 6400 xp per Golden Pot 7k gp per Golden Pot 1202 pots to steal for level 99 8.4m profit 75-99 (Quick XP): 90-95: Pickpocket Ardy knights To get there: ::home > nexus > cities > Ardounge I recommend to turn off npc attack option in setting as it allows you to left click pickpocket. I also recommend to trap a knight in a house if there isnt one trapped already. 4,046 xp per pickpocket 1,869 pickpockets to level 95 95-99: Pickpocket Ardy heros To get there: ::home > nexus > cities > Ardounge *You still have a chance to fail at 99 so if you dont want to fail stick to ardy knights* 13,200 xp per pickpocket 323 pickpockets to level 99 Hope you enjoyed my guide!
  2. JOIN Clan BOS Free entry no applications Social and Helpful clan for anyone skilling! JUMP RIGHT IN !
  3. WELCOME ALL Are you CRAZY for the Grind? Join BOS in clan chat you can just JUMP RIGHT IN!.... PAHAHAHA Social and Helpful Clan on daily.
  4. Con's Ultimate Crafting Guide Before we get started, crafting is a profitable, easy, and afk skill on BoomScape. (Was my first 99). Requirements: - Starting cash: minimum 2k. The more the better because you can buy more gems at once. - A chisel. 1gp, hope you can afford it ? - Some time on your hands. To get started: Head to ::home and go northwest to the shops. This is the master crafter, he'll be your friend during your grind. He sells a variety of crafting items. We will focus on the chisel and the gems because they seem to be the quickest and most profitable. Buy 50 allows you to type in a custom amount and they become noted if you do not have enough inventory space To sell the gems, they must be noted. Levels and Profit: Level 1-20: Uncut Opal Bought for 2k, sold for 2.5k when cut. Provides 660 xp per cut gem. 7 uncut jades must be cut to reach level 20. Yields a profit of 3.5k. Level 20-34: Uncut Sapphire Bought for 3k, sold for 4k when cut. Provides 2.2k xp per cut gem. 8 uncut sapphires must be cut to reach level 34. Yields a profit of 8k. Level 34-43: Uncut Ruby Bought for 4k, sold for 5.5k when cut. Provides 3,740 xp per cut gem. 9 uncut rubies must be cut to reach level 43. Yields a profit of 12k. Level 43-99: Uncut Diamond Bought for 6k, sold for 8k when cut. Provides 4,730 xp per cut gem. 2746 uncut diamonds must be cut to reach level 99. Yields a profit of 5.5m. Total Profit: Around 5.5m and 99 crafting.
  5. Con's Fishing Guide Intro: Fishing is a useful skill in BoomScape if you want to AFK a lot or for some reason want to catch your own dinner. However the skillcape looks really good and is overall an easy grind. In this guide I'll walk you through the most efficent ways to get 99 fishing although there are many different ways and I may note them throughout this guide. This guide will not include the cooking of the fish although it is a good idea to bank them for your cooking grind in the future. Requirements: To get started go to ::home and at shops talk to the fisherman. From him buy a small net and a harpoon, should not cost more than a couple hundred gp at most. 1-99: 1-35: Go ::home > nexus > cities > Camelot From here run south-east along the path to the fishing spots east of Catherby. Here we can start fishing shrimps. The spots can be found using the runelite client if you are on PC, otherwise look for the small net spots. From level 1-15 you will only be catching shrimp. Shrimp give 400 xp each and you will need to catch 7 shrimp for level 15. At level 15 you start catching anchovies as well. Anchovies give 1600 xp each and will need to catch about 25 shrimp and 7 anchovies for level 35 but this is dependent on RNG. 35-70: Now you will be using your harpoon and catching Tuna/Swordfish although you won't catch swordfish until level 50. The harpoon spots can be found with the lobster symbol on runelite or by the harpoon if you are on mobile. From level 35-50 you will only be catching tuna. Tuna give 3,200 xp each and you will need to catch 25 tuna for level 50. At level 50 you will start catching swordfish as well. Swordfish give 4,000 xp each and will need to catch about 100 tuna and 80 swordfish for level 70 but this is dependent on RNG. 70-99: Although there is many methods to 99 in fishing, the method I found fastest is to fish for monkfish as you catch them really quick and get a high xp rate for them. Go ::home > skilling > piscatoris fishing Once here, make sure you have your small net and head to the fishing spots. The monkfish spots are shown on runelite or by clicking on the net spots if you are on mobile. Each monkfish gives 4,800xp and you will need to catch 2,562 monkfish for level 99. Although this seems like a lot it goes by real quick and is very afk. Feel free to try fishing sharks at the fishing guild at around level 80. Hope you enjoyed my guide!
  6. Con and Mosey's Motherlode Mine Guide Intro: Motherlode is a mining minigame on Boomscape. It can be used a way to afk mine as well to unlock the prospector outfit that gives a great mining xp boost when the full set is worn. Required: 30 Mining (At least 41 for rune pick is recommend) This can be gotten by mining bronze and iron west of ::home. Should take no longer than 5 minutes. A pickaxe Can be bought at shops at home. We recommend at least a rune pickaxe but can be done with lower. A hammer Can be bought from the general store person at shops at home. Getting There: There are two ways of getting to motherlode mine on Boomscape: 1. Run west of home to the mine and then enter the cave in mining pit. 2. ::home > minigames > motherlode mine and then enter the cave. How it Works: Once there you can start mining the paydirt viens scattered around the mine. Turning on the runelite "Motherlode mine" plugin can help you quickly find them as they deplete after you get 1 - 5 paydirt. Once you have a full inventory of paydirt head to the center of the mine. Fix the 2 water wheels with your hammer to get the wash running. Only 1 has to be running but why not fix both, free smithing xp. Once the wash is running, deposit your paydirt in the hopper to the north and it will be washed down to the sack to the south. After this, collect your ores and gold nuggets, bank, and repeat! Here are the rates you will receive ore from the paydirt. THE GOLD NUGGET DROPRATE IS HIGHER ON BOOMSCAPE EXPECT AROUND 4 PER INVENTORY. XP and Rewards: 30-99(Full prospector): 8.4k per paydirt 1551 paydirt to 99 30-99(No prospector): 2.4k per paydirt 5426 paydirt to 99 As you can see it is very important to buy prospectors either through getting gold nuggets at motherlode mine or through a donation to the server through bonds or with the store. Rewards: If you talk to prospector percy you can view his store, all the items in here can be bought with gold nuggets. Hope you enjoyed our Motherlode Mine Guide and happy grinding!
  7. Con's Hunter Guide Intro: Hunter is a skill used to catch various creatures around Boomscape. It can be used as a good money make to catch high level implings or just an annoying skill on your max grind. Requirements: Bought at the hunter shop at ::home: A few bird snares 5 box traps 10 agility To be able to get to crimson swifts and red chinchompas. Can be trained at tree gnome stronghold course (::home > nexus > cities > tree gnome stronghold) 1-53 Hunter: Grab 3 bird snares and go to the nexus. Go to skilling and teleport to feldip hills. Once there follow this map to get to the crimson swifts (NEED 10 AGILITY TO PASS THE SHORTCUT). Once there set up a bird snare and start grinding. At level 20 you can set 2 snares and at level 40 you can set 3 snares. Each crimson swift gives 1360 xp. From 1-53 you will have to catch 101 crimson swifts. 53-63 Hunter: Grab 4 box traps and head to the nexus. Go to skilling then teleport to woodland hunter. When you teleport you can setup 3 box traps right where you are and start catching chinchompas. At level 60 you can set up 4 box traps Each chinchompa gives 7,936 xp. From 53-63 you will have to catch 30 chinchompas. 63-73 Hunter (63-99 if a hardcore ironman): Grab 4 box traps and head to the nexus. Go to skilling and the teleport to feldip hills. Follow the map to get to red chinchompas. Lay down 4 box traps and start catching them. Each red chinchompa gives 10,600 xp. From 63-73 you will have to catch 59 red chinchompas. 73-99 Hunter: THIS IS IN THE WILDY. DO NOT BRING ANY ITEMS YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE. Grab 5 box traps and an amulet of glory (for a quick teleport out of wildy). Head to the nexus, go to wilderness and then teleport to revenants. Exit the cave and follow the map to black chinchompas. Lay 4 box traps and start catching them. At level 80 you can lay 5 box traps. Each black chinchompa gives 10,600 xp. From 73-99 you will have to catch 764 black chinchompas. Hope you enjoyed my guide!
  8. Con's Solo Wintertodt Guide Disclaimer: Wintertodt solo's have many ways to do it. This guide will talk about my main method and a few others. Feel free to modify it for your needs or wants of how you want to do it. WINTERTODT IS NOT A SAFE DEATH FOR HARDCORE!  Intro: Wintertodt is the firemaking boss. It offers the best firemaking xp/hr in Boomscape and can be done solo, duo,trio,etc. It consists of lighting braizers, feeding the braizers, fixing braizers, and woodcutting.  Requirements: 50 firemaking A hammer Can be bought at shops or can get one for free at Wintertodt A axe A bronze axe can be gotten at Wintertodt or a better one can be bought at the shops. Tinderbox Can be ought at shops or can get one for free at Wintertodt Food Warm clothing is not required on Boomscape  Recommended: 60+ woodcutting Rune axe or Dragon axe 8-10 high healing food per run Owning a house If you do not own a house you will not receive construction xp.  To Get Started: To get there: Go ::home, then go to the nexus, then minigames, then click on Wintertodt. Once at Wintertodt, talk to Ignisia. After talking to him/her (assume it's a girl idk) go to the door's of dinh to enter Wintertodt. Have a similar inventory to this before starting. Mechanics: Inside wintertodt there is 4 braizers. In a solo run you usually only worry about keeping one or two lit. Well those braizers are lit you cut bruma logs that can be added to the braizer for points(Need 500 to recieve a crate). However during this, wintertodt has a random chance of hitting you with cold. This will damage you for a small amount and stop the action you are doing. Another mechanic you have to watch out for are snowfalls. You will see snowflakes start to fall where you are. When you see this run, because soon piles of snow will fall and damage you quite significantly. This snow can also fall on a braizer and it will break it. To fix it click on it(must have a hammer) and it will be repaired. Now you have to relight it.  Soloing Wintertodt (My Strategy): Windertodt has a energy bar that is basically its health. It slowly goes down as long as one braizer is lit. When soloing I keep two braizers lit. During the time they are lit I cut down bruma logs to add to the braizers. When my inventory is full of bruma logs or a braizer goes down I add them to the braizer. I then rinse and repeat this until wintertodt's energy is zero.  Soloing Wintertodt (Other Way to Do it): There is many other ways to do it so I'll go over two: 1. Cut logs until inventory is full, light one braizer and add logs until you are out. Let braizer go out and repeat. This method makes the games last a lot longer but you will get more points and get more xp/hr. However you will need to bring more food. 2. Similar to my method, but you just light one braizer and keep relighting it while cutting logs. This method is slightly faster than the previous but you get less points/xp per game but require less food.  XP gained: The xp gained is going to vary ALOT. This is because as your firemaking/woodcutting/construction is leveled up, you gain more experience from each action. Below is the experience and amount of games from 50-99 firemaking. 8 games played for 50-99 firemaking 1-70 construction 32 supply crates 500k woodcutting xp  Rewards: For every 500 points you earn in the wintertodt you give a supply crate. From these you can get pieces to the pyromancer outfit, the phoenix pet, dragon axe, burnt pages, and the tome of fire. Below are all the possible other rewards. (I would of typed this all out but its a lot)   Hope you enjoyed my guide!
  9. Con's NMZ Guide Intro: NMZ is a minigame mainly used to afk train combat skills. It can also be used to purchase items and imbue gear to make it more powerful using points from the minigame. Requirements: Stats: I recommend base 60 combat stats to make NMZ even efficent training. The higher the better though. It can be done with 1 defence and prayer as well. Gear: Melee Setup Example: When doing NMZ you want to go for straight offensive and strength bonus. This because we will be protected from any damage. The gear can be better or worst than this. Just what I had at the time. ? Range Setup Example: Again here, go for all offensive range bonus. To Get Started: To get there go ::home, to the nexus, then minigames, then to nightmare zone. First game: This is a seperate section because your first game is going to be completly different from all the others. This is because we do not have absorption potions unlocked yet(Bought using nmz points). So for this first dream we will be using a inventory similar to this: Now you want to right-click Dominic and click dream. You want to choose hard now because it will grant you more points. Once in the dream pray melee the whole time and fight the quest bosses that spawn. Once you are out of food and prayer pots click the potion to the south to leave. NMZ Strategy After First Game: Now that you have some points it is time use the real NMZ strategy. Getting setup: The chest near NMZ is the rewards shop. In the benefits tab there are absorption potions. These potions negate all damage but use up a charge of the potions per 1 damage. When you drink a dose of the potion you gain 50 absorption points. You can 1000 points at a time. To make the points last longer we are going to use a Dwarven Rock Cake. This can be bought at ::home in the shops. The rock cake has two options eat and guzzle. When you are above 12 hp you want to guzzle, and to get down to 1 hp you want to eat. Don't worry it cant kill you. So now you want to get a similar inventory to mine and enter the NMZ again. When you buy absorption potions, buying 1 dose actually buys a 4 dose potions. Once in the NMZ you drink your absorption potions to 1000 points and then rock cake to one hp. You can now afk until you need to drink absorption pots again or rock cake down to 1 again. Rewards: Besides absorption potions you can buy imbues for various gear making them stronger or have a more wide use. Below are the imbuable items and their price: Black Mask - 1.25m points Slayer Helmet - 1.25m points Salve amulet - 800k points Ring of the gods - 650k points RIng of suffering - 725k points Berserker ring - 650k points Warrior ring - 650k points Archers ring - 650k points Seers ring - 650k points Tyrannical ring - 650k points Treasonous ring - 650k points Granite ring - 500k points If you want to know what the item does when imbued look up "item name + (i)" on google. If I listed them all this guide would become a dictionary ? Hope this guide helped some of you out!
  10. Con's Aerial Fishing Guide  Intro: Aerial fishing is a hunter and fishing based skill. It also gives some cooking xp as well. Its a great activity to gain xp in all 3 at once!  Requirements: 35 hunter This can be achieved by hunting crimson swifts at feldip hills and then copper tails at woodland hills in less than 10 minutes 43 fishing This can be achieved by fishing shrimps, mackeral and lobsters in catherby 1 Cooking I hope you have this ? A knife Can be bought at the shop assistant at ::home  How to do Aerial Fishing: To get there: Use the portal nexus at ::home, go to skilling, and teleport to Aerial fishing Once there: Pick up about 3 king worms from around the island Right click on Alry the Angler and click "Get bird" Lastly get fishing by going to the edges of the island and clicking on the fishing spots They move around but runelite should help them standout. Green ones are the best to go for because they are closer so you catch the fish quicker. However the blue ones work just fine. When out of king worms, cut your fish into fish chunks by using your knife on the fish. This is done because each time you click on a fishing spot there is a chance to reward your bird with king worms or fish chunks. Cutting the fish also provides cooking xp depending on the level of the fish.  XP: Fish types and required levels:  Bluegill: -35 hunter -43 fishing Common Tench: -51 hunter -56 fishing Mottled Eel: -68 hunter -73 fishing Greater Siren: -87 hunter -91 fishing Levels guide and xp amount: Disclaimer: Rates depend on your RNG at high levels because you could catch a whole invetory of blue gill or a whole one of greater siren. These are just estimates.  35-51 Hunter: 136 bluegill caught 63k fishing xp 19k cooking xp 51-68 Hunter: About 400 bluegill/common tench About 412k fishing xp About 108k cooking xp 68-87 Hunter: About 1500 bluegill/common tench/mottled eel About 2.5m fishing xp About 700k cooking xp 87-99 Hunter: About 2900 bluegill/common tench/mottled eel/greater siren About 6.3m fishing xp About 1.7m cooking xp  Rewards: While aerial fishing, you can receive molch pearls. These can be traded with Alry the Angler for rewards. Fishing Rods (Can be equipped and used during fishing): -Pearl fishing rod (100 pearls) -Pearl fly fishing rod (120 pearls) -Pearl barbarian rod (150 pearls) Angler Outfit Set (Full set grants 2.5% bonus fishing xp): -Angler Hat (25 pearls and 0.4% bonus xp) -Angler top (25 pearls and 0.8% bonus xp) -Angler waders (25 pearls and 0.6% bonus xp) -Angler boots (25 pearls and 0.2% bonus xp) Fish Sack (Cosemtic cape slot): -50 pearls All rewards cost 520 molch pearls  XP Rewards: 99 Hunter and 99 fishing(if you do a bit of additional fishing) Credit to Mod Mosey and Bakon Bitz for the modeling ? About 2.6m Cooking Xp  Credit to Mod Mosey for giving me the idea for the guide and the help on it ?   Â