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  1. Con's Vorkath Guide VORKATH IS NOT A SAFE DEATH FOR HARDCORE Intro: Vorkath is a undead dragon boss who is a powerful and has attack that can 1 hit you if you are not prepared. Don't worry because after this guide you will be able to defeat him with ease ?. He is an important boss to kill because he drops a vorkath head which can be combined with an ava's accummulator to make an ava's assembler which is best in slot for range. (Also the pet is sick). Recommend Levels: 85+ Range 80+ Attack 85+ Strength 75+ Defense 70+ Prayer Gear and Inventory: Setup 1, Elite void and dragon warhammer: In this setup we use a imbued salve amulet because Vorkath is an undead monster. We use ruby bolts(e) + diamond bolts(e). The dragon warhammer + melee helm is used in the beginning of the fight to lower Vorkath's defence (can be replaced with bandos godsword). In the rune pouch we have runes for crumble undead (chaos,air and earth). Setup 2, Budget: Similar to setup one we use ruby bolts(e) + diamond bolts(e). We also bring the same runes in the rune pouch for crumble undead. You do not need a rune pouch(can be bought from vote shop) but it helps save inventory. So about these gear setups. We bring ruby bolts(e) for the first half of the fight for it's proc once Vorkath is health is at 265hp we switch to diamond bolts(e) because rubies proc becomes inefficent. We bring a dwh or bgs for its spec because it lowers Vorkath's defense making the fight quicker. Obviously neither of these gear setups are perfect so feel free to change as you will. If you want to use a blowpipe make sure to have a super antifire with you. If you only have a antifire you need an anti-dragon fire shield or better. Getting there: ::home > nexus > bosses > vorkath Once there jump over the ice chunks to the north. This area is instanced now and no one else can join. To start the fight poke Vorkath. The fight: Before poking vorkath pot up with antifire and range pot and then do either of the three things depending on your gear. If using a spec weapon, pray range and piety. Get you spec weapon ready and then poke vorkath and dump specs. Then switch to eagle's eye/riguor and switch to your range weapon. If not using a spec weapon. Pray range and eagle's eye/riguor. If using blowpipe, pray mage and eagle's eye/riguor. Now during the fight 5 normal attacks (besides melee but dont worry about that) and 3 special attacks. Normal: Magic attack that deals magic damage. Ranged attack that deals range damage. Normal dragonfire attack that deals dragonfire damage. Venom dragonfire attack (DOES NOT DEAL VENOM ATM) but deals dragonfire damage. Purple dragonfire that turns off your prayers. Special: Deadly dragonfire attack(not that deadly) when you see vorkath shoot into the air, run! This will hit the tile you currently are standing on at the time it is shot. It can deal a load of damage if it hits you. Acid pool attack which covers the area with pools of acid(THEY DO NOT POSION YOU ATM IF YOU STEP ON ONE). While this happens Vorkath shoots small fireballs at you real quickly. To avoid this, run around the pools of acid until he stops and the acid disappears. If you are a pvm god, then woox walk it, but if you can woox walk why are you reading this ? Zombified ice dragonfire attack. Vorkath freezes you and spawns a zombified spawn. This bugger can be one hit using crumble undead. If it is not killed by the time it gets to you then it will exploded and deal a load of damage (around 38). Now knowing these attacks, the fight should go smoothly just be sure not to get hit by the specials and you should live. ? Drops: Everytime kill: 2 Superior dragon bones 2 blue dhide Weapons and armor: Rune longsword 2-3 (2 x 1/30) Rune kiteshield 2-3 (2 x 1/30) Battlestaff 5-15 (2 x 1/37.5) Dragon battleaxe (2 x 1/75) Dragon longsword (2 x 1/75) Dragon platelegs (2 x 1/75) Dragon plateskirt (2 x 1/75) The rares: Vorkath's head (1/50 but you will always get it on every 50th kill) Dragonbone necklace (1/1000) Jar of deacy (1/1000) Vorki (1/3000) Draconic visage (1/5000) Skeletal visage (1/5000) The other drops include dragon hides, seeds, fletching items, runes, and some other stuff you can find it all here: Hope you enjoyed my guide!