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Found 1 result

  1. Wildy Police NH/PK Clan - Control over the Wildy Benefits of joining? You will have alot of fun, Perma Pking, learning, Sharing PK Loots (if multi) and having a whole Wildy for you to kill bosses, revs, wildy slayer etc.. we got your back. What we do? Mostly around Pking, Clan Fights, Nsing. Goal: Control of Wildy, Top Tier NHers, contest every Wild Chest. Req: Choosen by @Ash Lauren or @Aceslayer , @Grape we are the "First 3 Division" (Owners of the Clan) you Start with Divison Zero and can rank Up with how active you with us in Wildy and contest alot of Chest you don't need to be a good Pker you can learn all with just doing Wildy action. Main Rule Leave no one behind! you either surivial with your brothers or die with em.