BoomScape Updates - Bestiary overhaul, Costume Storage adjustments & More!

Tuesday, 25th June 2024

In the latest update, several new additions and improvements have been implemented, alongside various bug fixes and miscellaneous changes. These updates are designed to enhance the user experience and gameplay mechanics. Here are the details: New Additions


  • Bestiary Redesign
    • Completely re-designed Bestiary with a modernized interface.
    • Re-added functionality to search through the Bestiary. Access from the misc tab within the quest tab and search for either NPCs or items.
  • Costume Storage
    • Different versions of items can now be placed in the Costume Storage, including trouver parched items, plateskirts, and more.
  • Imbue Scrolls
    • Imbue scrolls can now be used on colorized Slayer Helmets.
  • Grand Exchange Tradable Items
    • The following items can now be traded on the Grand Exchange again:
      • Black H'ween Mask
      • Black Party Hat
      • Rainbow Party Hat
      • Statius, Vesta's, Zuriel's, and Morrigan's equipment
  • Stash Unit Updates
    • Added imbue scroll versions of Slayer Helmets and other missing items to the stash unit at the Warrior Guild.
Bug Fixes
  • Cancelling a Slayer Task now displays the correct amount of points required based on your donator rank.

  • The Grand Exchange offer viewer now correctly displays the amount being bought or sold based on the remaining amount.

  • Fixed an issue with the experience received when making crystal items.

  • Cavern Grubs can no longer be...

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BoomScape Updates - Fixes to BoomScape Crashing & More

Friday, 7th June 2024

BoomScape Changes
 - Shadow Phase damage at Nex has been lowered depending on the distance from Nex that you are
 - Dragon Warhammer & Statius Warhammer have been fixed
  - DWH will now only apply stat drain if the player successfully deals over 0 damage
  - DWH will now reduce the stat by 30% based on the current level instead of the fixed level

Perk Fixes
 - Fixed an issue with the Toxic Love perk, the perk has also been adjusted to now hold up to 65,532 scales & darts (4x the default).

Bug Fixes
 - Added a check for the Energy Transfer spell so it cannot be cast through walls or past 8 tiles.
 - Fixed an issue with the Trident of the Seas not returning any runes when uncharged in it's "full" state
 - Fixed an issue causing BoomScape to crash due to a bug with how the Theatre of Blood works

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BoomScape Updates - Perks Added, Fixes to Perks, & Much more!

Thursday, 30th May 2024

In the latest update, a series of fixes and improvements have been made to enhance gameplay and ensure a smoother experience for players. Below is a detailed list of the changes, divided into two main categories: Perk Fixes and Miscellaneous Fixes. These adjustments address various issues ranging from perk functionality to item management, ensuring that all features work as intended and provide the best possible gaming experience. Perks Added

  • Double Dipper: Costing 3,000 points, this perk will double any donation made to the Well of Goodwill. For instance, donating 10 million will count as 20 million.
  • Slayer Master: Description adjusted for better clarity.
  • Cerberus Soul: Now also blocks prayer drain.
  • I See Two: Now applies to Geodes and Fishing Bottles.

Added the following items to the Offerings:

  • Imbued Heart
  • Dark Bow
  • Necklace of Anguish
  • Thread of Elidinis
  • Venator Bow
  • Armadyl Helmet
  • Bandos Boots
  • Brimstone Ring
  • Adjusted Avernic Defender to Avernic Hilt
  • Bow of Faerdhinen adjusted to the inactive variant
  • Blade of Saeldor adjusted to the inactive variant

Morana now casts a spell when an item is sacrificed for all to see.

Perk Fixes
  • Special Frenzy has been fixed and no longer functions in PvP.
  • Updated the description of the "I See Two" perk to clarify its functionality.
  • Resolved an issue with the 'Divine Love' perk not...
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BoomScape Updates - Sacrifcie System, Gambling Restrictions & Facelifts around boom!

Friday, 10th May 2024

Welcome to the latest update for BoomScape! We're excited to introduce several enhancements and new features designed to improve gameplay and add depth to your experience. Below you'll find detailed information on our new Sacrifice System, item protection mechanics, and various gameplay adjustments. Whether you're battling in the wilderness or strategizing in safe zones, these updates are here to enrich your journey in BoomScape.

Sacrifice System

  • Introducing the Sacrifice System with Morana Sacrificial at the home area, beside the white portal.
  • Sacrifice items to gain rewards and shop for perks and other items through Morana.
  • Launch includes 19 perks (note: perks may be adjusted in the future for balance).

Trouver Parchments

  • Trouver Parchments can now be used to protect items in the deep wilderness; locked items prevent deletion.
  • Locking costs 2 million coins; killers in deep wilderness receive the coins.
  • Untradeable items will be deleted if not locked with a Trouver Parchment in deep wilderness (above 20 wilderness).
  • Available for purchase at the PK Points store for 5 PK Points.

Scroll of Imbue

  • The Scroll of Imbue now functions correctly; use it to imbue items.
  • Uncharging an item returns a Scroll of Imbuing for reuse.
  • Available at the PK Points Store and the donator store for 100 Bonds.

Gambling Restrictions

  • New dialogue added to Chief Servant at the Gambling Zone explaining...
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