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    OSRS ZMI Altar Guide - Fast RC EXP Method - GameDB

    New Content
     - Bank Fillers now have full functionality
     - TzHaar-Ket-Om Ornament Kit now works
     - Ether Bracelet now returns any ether remaining when uncharging
     - Bone Crusher will now restore Prayer Points when used in Kourend Catacombs
     - Hespori Seed Chances has been increased

    Bug Fixes
     - Fixed an issue with Hespori Patch Growth rates
     - Fixed an issue with Ring Of Suffering not removing Uniquie Value when unimbued
     - Corrected protections against Dragon Fire Attacks
     - Corrected Extended Super Antifire Potion
     - Stackable items will now add to the looting bag when the bag is full, if the stackable item is already in the looting bag
     - Added a check for Looting Bag drops when having an Open Looting Bag in the Bank/Inventory
     - Dagannoth Supreme Pet Drop has been added as it was previously missing from the table

  • BoomScape Update!

    New Content & Changes
     - Hespori Boss has been added!
      - You can gain Hespori Seeds from doing any Farming related actions, doing so will provide a 1/30 chance at getting a seed, you can also get seeds from the Vote store for 25 Vote Points per seed
      - Hespori will take a total of 6 hours to finish growing, ready to be harvested for a kill!
      - Hespori has a 1/750 base chance at providing the Tangleroot pet
     - Zalcano's Rihannon now has a full dialogue system
     - You can now 'peek' Zalcano to see how many players are currently attacking the boss
     - When searching in the Beastiary for Monsters drops, it'll open up the Drop table interface for the NPC!

    Bug Fixes
     - Fixed an issue that caused Olm to null which made it impossible to kill Olm, this mainly happened when two players had the finishing hit on a hand at Olm
     - Fixed an issue with Bestiary causing NPE's server sided
     - Fixed an issue when you spend points in the Pest Control interface they wouldn't get removed visually
     - Alchemical Hydra's aggression range has been increased
     - Imbued Tephra is now dropped when you kill a Golem at Zalcano

  • BoomScape Updates


    New Content & Changes
     - Automated Flower Poker System has been added to the Gambling Zone, this will now all be automated to help against players scamming etc
      - In the future other games like Blackjack & Dicing will function from the Interface
     - Mithril Seeds can no longer be manually planted at the Gambling Zone
     - Zalcano Killcount will now save to Highscores

    Bug Fixes
     - Few fixes have been applied to Zalcano to make the boss smoother
      - Corrected anims for Zalcano standing back up from the mining phase
      - Corrected anims for Zalcano's death
      - Corrected the Zalcano's attacks from 4 ticks to every 5 ticks
      - Changed Special Attack frequency from Zalcano & lessened chance of the mines being attacked to 15%
     - You can no longer enter the Corporeal Beast cave whilst Teleblocked
     - Craws Bow will now revert to uncharged variant when out of charges

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