BoomScape Updates - Costume Room Storage, Stashes & more! [06/09/2023]

Wednesday, 6th September 2023

Mainly For Ultimate Ironmen:

  • The Costume Room Storage system is now operational.
    • "Sets" cannot be withdrawn currently, requiring manual item selection.
    • "Deposit mode" is temporarily non-functional.

  • Introducing Stashes in BoomScape!
    • Build stashes across Gielinor to store items.
    • Ideal for Ultimate Ironmen to stow away items for future use.
    • Most Stashes added, with a few exceptions due to map overrides.

Game Changes:

  • Updated item protection prices to align with the latest OSRS GE Values.
  • Corrected Ham joint's attack options.
  • Reduced Crystal & Elven crystal chest rewards; Zenytes removed.
  • Halved Weekly PvP Leaderboard Rewards.
  • Tool Storage (Rakes, Seed Dibbers, Spades & Secateurs) can now hold up to 100 items.
    • Withdraw items as "banknotes."
    • Functional dropdown for selecting withdrawal/deposit amounts.
    • Quantity selection at the bottom of the interface now operates.
  • Black Sanata Hat, Inverted Santa Hat & Black H'ween mask are now searchable in the Grand Exchange

Global Announcements:

  • Zenyte drops from Tortured Gorillas now globally announced.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where Iron status would not be removed.
  • Restored stats and nullified damage upon leaving Nightmare zone.
  • Updated the default icon for Global alerts.

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BoomScape Updates - Grand Exchange Filtering System & more! [03/09/2023]

Sunday, 3rd September 2023

Prepare to dive into an array of exciting enhancements and fixes that promise to elevate your BoomScape adventure. In this update, we've streamlined the Grand Exchange experience, introduced intriguing new elements, and resolved various issues to ensure a smoother gameplay experience. From improved Grand Exchange functionality to the addition of the "Strange Casket" and special Opal Bolt effects, there's something for every adventurer. Plus, we've squashed pesky bugs and made adjustments to enhance your journey in the world of BoomScape. Get ready to explore and enjoy the latest updates that will take your gaming experience to the next level.


Grand Exchange Improvements:

  • The seller/buyer's name now appears in the Grand Exchange Offers list.
  • Redesigned filtering system, offering more options within the interface for a smoother experience.
  • Grand Exchange Offer Viewer now displays a maximum of 100 results in any search.
  • You can now easily search for PvP items like Vesta's, Statius's, Morrigan's, and Zuriel's.
  • Newest Grand Exchange listings now appear first by default on the offers page.

New Additions:

  • The "Strange Casket" has been added in the Home area, where you can toggle Mimic chests and engage in a thrilling battle.
  • The special effect of Opal Bolts has been added.
  • Goraks have been added in the 'Gorak Plane.'
  • Larran's keys are now tradeable items.

Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple safeguards against ironmen item smuggling to Group Ironmen and regular Iron accounts.
  • Fixed issues with Staffs, ensuring they can be used as intended in various situations.
  • Rune Defender is now required only once for access to the Warrior Guild's basement.
  • Addressed the unintended experience gain from...
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BoomScape Updates - Tombs of Amscut item release, Discord integration & more! [23/08/2023]

Wednesday, 23rd August 2023

Prepare for an exciting journey as we unveil the freshest updates in BoomScape! We've fine-tuned gameplay mechanics, introduced new item functionalities, and refined loot tables for a more engaging experience. From improved Accuracy & Defence rolls to the addition of ToA Items and expanded Combat Dummies, we're elevating your adventure. Not to mention, we've addressed various bugs and introduced client enhancements to make your gameplay smoother than ever. Stay tuned to explore these captivating changes and enhancements that are bound to make your BoomScape experience even more thrilling.

Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Improved Accuracy & Defence rolls system.
  • Introduced ToA Items functionality, integrated into specific drop tables:
    • Osmumten's fang: Chambers of Xeric & Ultimate Mystery Box.
    • Lightbearer: Drops from Venenatis, Callisto, Vet'ion, and available at the PK Points Shop for 300 points.
    • Masori armour: Obtainable in the Theatre of Blood.
    • Tumeken's shadow: Drops in Theatre of Blood & Ultimate Mystery Box.
    • Thread of Elidinis: Found in Chambers of Xeric, Donator Store, and PK Points Shop for 350 bonds.
    • Elidinis' Ward: Drops from Chambers of Xeric & Ultimate Mystery Box.
  • Expanded Combat Dummy placement at the home area.
  • Adjusted Godwars Bosses respawn time to 60 seconds.

Discord Intergration:

  • New Discord Integration:
    • Link your Discord and in-game accounts via !link-account...
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