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BoomScape is an OSRS RSPS made to accommodate players of all types, this is achieved by using the Runelite client and having an Android version well.

In Boomscape you can become a skiller, a pvmer, a pvper, or anything you put your mind to.

BoomScape is a pure OSRS experience, as there is no customs, with a quicker but

not to quick experience rates of 40x skilling and 10x combat. BoomScape also offers a

wonderful social experience as there is no trading post or grand exchange so you have interact with our great community.

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Latest Updates

  • BoomScape Latest Updates



    New PK System has been added to BoomScape
     - Bounty Hunter Points removed
     - PK Points replaces Bounty Hunter Points, upon login these will automatically be converted over to the new PK Points System
     - New PK Points System awards 2 points per kill & 4 points per Bounty Target kill
     - Cooldowns have been added on kills against the same player for PK Points to avoid farming
     - You will now receive different Skull Overheads to show the current streak you are on
     - Mysterious Embelms now convert to cash instead of Bounty Points
     - PK Points Store has been added replacing the previous Bounty Hunter Store
     - There is now a kill streak system which awards the killer that ends somebody's killstreak with PK Points & Coins

     Bug Fixes
      - Fixed an issue with Pickpocketing whilst wearing Full Rouges outfit
      - Fixes an issue where the Quest Icon wouldn't change to the corrisponding selection
      - Removed Lottery Global messages for now whilst the System is turned off

    Staff Logging Changes
     - Trades are now logged
     - Drops & Item Picking up is now logged
     - Duels are now logged
     - Mods can now do ;;bc
     - Logs for mutes are now handled better


  • BoomScape Latest Updates

    2020 Halloween event - OSRS Wiki

    • Halloween Mini-Quest has been added, you can start the Mini-Quest by speaking to Sir Prysin located in Varrock Palace!
    • Bone Bolts can now be used with Doreshuun Crossbow
    • Devout Boots can be made by combining Holy Sandals & Drake' Tooth
    • PVP Armours have been removed from UMB's, Coins have been added into UMB's, 100m, 500m & 1,000m
    • Fixed a few items that had incorrect info
    • Superior Slayer Monsters now Guarentee a Totem piece drop in the Katacombs
    • Rouges Outfit now provides double loot from thieving NPCs when the whole set is worn
    • Well of Goodwill now shows some cool graphics when filled up
    • Normal Admins no longer lose there status when spending bonds lol
    • Recoloring skins has been reduced for Donators
    • Added Alchemical/Sarachnis & Nightmare Displays in POH using Jars