BoomScape Updates - Phantom Muspah fixes, Wilderness Bosses fixes & much more!

Saturday, 24th February 2024

The latest game update introduces a wealth of enhancements and fixes, improving gameplay, interface usability, and customization options. Highlights include the ability to open Super Mystery Boxes, adjustments to tick consuming varbits for better plugin compatibility, corrections to Venator Bows and spell sacks, and synchronization of the Special Attack timer. Interface improvements feature updated equipment stats and customizable chat colours. Wilderness Bosses and Phantom Muspah sections see significant adjustments for a better combat experience, while RuneLite users benefit from compatibility fixes and streamlined plugin management. This comprehensive update addresses key community feedback and technical issues, enriching the overall player experience.



  • Super Mystery Boxes can now be opened
  • Tick consuming varbits have been added, this also fixes issues with RuneLite plugins such as the "Timers" plugin
  • Venator Bows projectile has been fixed
  • Bind & Snare's Blighted sacks ID have been updated to use the Entanlge sack
  • Special Attack timer now syncs correctly with the client
  • Equipment stats interface has been fixed, and now includes Base & Actual weapon speed information
  • Fixed an issue with the Settings interface where the search functionality wasn't working properly
  • Chat Colours can now be adjusted in the Settings interface so you can make customisation to how your chat is coloured!
  • Fixed an issue which caused clients to crash due to how the "Sound Area" packet was sent to clients
  • Vetion now correctly drops the correct pet.
  • Wilderness Bosses now drop Big Bones to the highest damage player.
  • Fixed an issue causing Pets to be unremovable from Menageri Room in POH
  • Player Priority checks has been...
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BoomScape Updates - Drop Rates changes & Further patches following Revision upgrade!

Tuesday, 20th February 2024

Ancient Essence
 - The Ancient Essence now switches between walls every 60-90 seconds
 - The Ancient Essence Crystals are now mineable.

Wilderness Bosses
 - Fixed an issue with the drop system causing nulls
 - Rewrote the drop system to include a chance at landing the unique based on damage dealt to the boss.
 - Wilderness boss killcounters now display correctly in the collection log
 - Kills on the Single+ variants now count towards the Wilderness Diaries.
 - Loot Broadcasts now display the correct boss names.

Potions added
 - Ancient Brew can now be consumed & crafted
 - Forgotton brews can now be consumed & crafted

Bunch of Drop Rates have been adjusted courtsey of @Kiwi

Drop Rate Changes Added shield left half to Goraks
Alchemical Hydra:
    Hydra Claw       952 -> 579
    Hydra Heads      255 -> 224
    Jar of Chemicals 765 -> 672
    Dragonbone Neck  784 -> 396
    Jar of Decay    1155 -> 718
    Skeletal Visage 1155 -> 718
    Jar of Eyes 1941 -> 658
Kalphite Queen:
    D Chain 288 -> 117
    KQ Head 148 -> 121
    Jar of Sand 1188 -> 603
Thermonuclear Smoke Devil:
    Occult Neck   362 ->  298
    Jar of Smoke  604 ->  657
    D Chain      1813...
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BoomScape Updates - Fix List following the 219 Revision upgrade!

Saturday, 17th February 2024

Following our recent revision upgrade, we've identified and resolved a series of issues to enhance your gaming experience. Here's a succinct overview of the updates:

New Features:

  • Introduced a Global Scoreboard for Phantom Muspah outside its cave, enabling global kill tracking.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Corrected a misclassification problem in our dump, ensuring tradeable items are no longer marked as untradeable.
  • Addressed directional facing issues with bosses like Zulrah & Xarpus, ensuring they now face the correct direction.
  • Resolved a bug preventing Phantom Muspah from recording Personal Best Times.
  • Phantom Muspah will now globally announce unique item drops.
  • Adjusted Phantom Muspah's defence stats accurately for its melee phase.
  • Phantom Muspah is now guaranteed to drop Ancient Essence.
  • Implemented a consistent prayer drain of 2 per attack during Muspah's Shield Phase.
  • Venator Shard now correctly crushes for 50,000 ancient essence.
  • Fixed the Blazing Blowpipe issue, ensuring it now applies the correct bonuses based on the darts used.
  • Restored the Gambling Zone Map and related gambling interfaces.
  • Shops now include a "Buy 50" option for bulk purchases.
  • Fixed the visual glitch with Pet Beaver, which incorrectly displayed as a Forestry NPC.
  • All Crystal Armour pieces can now be recoloured, with the option to recolour already modified pieces.
  • Rectified an exploit with some teleports, which allowed spam clicking to gain experience above level 20 wilderness.
  • TzHaar-Ket-Keh is now interactive, offering the option to gamble your Infernal Capes.
  • Ancient Sceptre has been updated to auto-cast both ancient and modern spells.
  • Boss HP Bars will no longer linger after leaving a...
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BoomScape Updates - 219 Revision Upgrade, Phantom Muspah, Wilderness Bosses Rework & More!

Friday, 16th February 2024

We're thrilled to announce a significant update to BoomScape, introducing a blend of new content, items, and crucial quality of life improvements. This update marks the addition of Single Plus areas in the wilderness and a comprehensive rework of several iconic bosses, elevating the challenge and engagement in these zones. Entry to wilderness bosses now demands a 1 million GP fee, adding a thrilling risk-reward aspect to boss encounters.

With the community's feedback in mind, we've rolled out features like prayer filtering and a new Boss HP Bars UI, enhancing combat clarity and strategy. The update also unveils new craftable items including the Voidwaker and Venator Bow, expanding your gear options. Donators will appreciate new ornament kits, offering further customization for their favorite pieces.

On the quality of life front, NPC examines have been refined, teleport locations capitalized, and RuneLite's UI has been sleekly updated, among other improvements. We've also tackled various bugs and made adjustments to provide a smoother gameplay experience.

This update is designed to enrich the BoomScape journey for all players, combining new challenges with enhanced gameplay mechanics and visual improvements.

Clients will need to be updated, if on mobile you will likely have to re-download the client from here RuneLite clients should automatically update for you all!

New Content
  • Added Single Plus areas in the wilderness.
  • Reworked bosses Vet'ion, Calvar'ion, Callisto, Artio, Vennenatis, and Spindel, including their lesser...
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