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  • BoomScape Launcher Update



    New Launchers for the BoomScape Client have now been released for Windows, Mac & Linux. The clients will now support the GPU plugin correctly, upon some other fixes. The previous Launcher will no longer be supported going into the future, only critical updates will be pushed to the old launchers.

    You can find the new downloads links below

    Windows 32Bit -
    Windows 64Bit -
    MacOS -
    Linux x64 -
    Linux Aarch x64 -
    Cross Platform Jar -

    If you haven't already the Android Client has also been updated to support the Revision update coming soon ™️ 

    Android Launcher -

  • BoomScape Update

    Some Important information firstly
    As some of you may know, we are currently working on upgrading BoomScape to the latest OSRS Revision (#207), we have made massive progress and currently at the stage where we are adding the new content on a development server. In preparation for the update, both the Mobile & Desktop clients have changed to be able to read the new data from the cache, meaning you will need to download the latest client to continue playing BoomScape. For anyone using the desktop Launcher your clients have already been updated automatically so you can ignore this! However if you use the following clients you WILL need to download the new client!

    • Java Direct
    • Android Mobile Client

    You can find the latest downloads on the website


    Content Updates
     - Scroll of Redirection now functions on House Teleport Tabs
     - Added Prifddinas & Hosidius Teleport Tabs
     - You can now trade in pieces to Ignisia for Burnt Pages & Extra Supply Crates!

     Bug Fixes
     - Fixed special attack not using attack delay from NM Staffs & Dawnbringer
     - Fixed Harmonised Nightmare Staff, no longer is able to Autocast on Ancients & is only 4 tick on Modern spellbook
     - Fixed an issue with Donator Zone bounds for extra XP
     - Special Attack no longer resets on relogs
     - Fixed issues with starting HP of Nightmare Totems & Xarpus
     - Fixed an issue where your screen would stay tinted dark after leaving the ToB Area
     - Fixed an issue after ToB where you couldn't teleport

  • BoomScape Updates


    Content Changes
     - AFK Zone has been changed and nerfed drastically
      - The chance at a successful action has been reduced from 70% to 40%
      - There is now a 50% chance at receiving an AFK point per succesful rotation
      - The delay per action has been increased from 4 ticks to 6-12 ticks
      - Mystery Box price has been increased, Third Age Mystery Box has been removed
     - Dragon Warhammer now requires 60 Strength instead of 60 Attack
     - Added Graceful Hallowed combine options & added to the Vote Shop
     - Added Graceful Trailblazer combine options & added to the AFK Shop
     - Added Zalcano Shard combine options & added to Pickaxe usage, this has also been added to the AFK Shop
     - 3rd Age Plateskirt added to 3rd Age Mystery Box, Mimic Loot Table, Clue Scroll Tables & Mystery Box

    Bug Fixes
     - Fixed an issue with Trident (e) & added dialogue when dismantling
     - Fixed an issue with Blamish Oil being the wrong ID for creation of Oily Fishing Rod
     - Rapid Heal now resets the HP timer
     - Fixed an issue with Obsidian Set bonus when using Ornament versions
     - Changed the Tome of Fire to use Empty book on Mystery Boxes
     - You can no longer use cannons at Cerberus & TOB

    I am away on Holiday for the weekend, but once I return we will be working on the new Revision Updates, we have already packed all the latest OSRS data from #206, and will be working on fixing up a few issues once I get back and then working on the new content!



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