BoomScape Updates - Sacrifcie System, Gambling Restrictions & Facelifts around boom!

Friday, 10th May 2024

Welcome to the latest update for BoomScape! We're excited to introduce several enhancements and new features designed to improve gameplay and add depth to your experience. Below you'll find detailed information on our new Sacrifice System, item protection mechanics, and various gameplay adjustments. Whether you're battling in the wilderness or strategizing in safe zones, these updates are here to enrich your journey in BoomScape.

Sacrifice System

  • Introducing the Sacrifice System with Morana Sacrificial at the home area, beside the white portal.
  • Sacrifice items to gain rewards and shop for perks and other items through Morana.
  • Launch includes 19 perks (note: perks may be adjusted in the future for balance).

Trouver Parchments

  • Trouver Parchments can now be used to protect items in the deep wilderness; locked items prevent deletion.
  • Locking costs 2 million coins; killers in deep wilderness receive the coins.
  • Untradeable items will be deleted if not locked with a Trouver Parchment in deep wilderness (above 20 wilderness).
  • Available for purchase at the PK Points store for 5 PK Points.

Scroll of Imbue

  • The Scroll of Imbue now functions correctly; use it to imbue items.
  • Uncharging an item returns a Scroll of Imbuing for reuse.
  • Available at the PK Points Store and the donator store for 100 Bonds.

Gambling Restrictions

  • New dialogue added to Chief Servant at the Gambling Zone explaining...
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BoomScape Updates - Experience locking & other fixes!

Friday, 26th April 2024

We're excited to introduce several new features and fixes to enhance your gaming experience. This update includes a new Experience Locking System that allows you to manage your progression more strategically, alongside essential game additions and crucial bug fixes to improve overall gameplay stability and quality. Dive into the details below to learn more about what’s new and what’s been improved!

Experience Locking System

Lock experience levels by right-clicking the level and selecting "Lock/Unlock."

  • Locked stats will turn red to indicate they are locked.
  • You will still receive "blocked" experience drops, similar to when a level has reached 200 million experience.
  • The number of stats you can lock at once depends on your rank:
    • Non-Donator Rank: 1 slot
    • Emerald Rank: 2 slots
    • Ruby Rank: 4 slots
    • Diamond Rank: 5 slots
    • Dragonstone Rank: 7 slots
    • Onyx Rank: 10 slots
    • Zenyte Rank: Unlimited slots

Game Additions

  • If a player has a full inventory when looting the PvP chest, the items will now appear on the floor for everyone to see.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with the stash at Warriors Guild.
  • Fixed the non-restoring vines at Brimhaven Dungeon.
  • Corrected a crash occurring after completing a quest.
  • Cooking messages are now properly filtered when the game filter mode is on.
  • Fixed improper animations and timing for entering and exiting the Wilderness Caves.
    • Players will be moved outside of the Escape Caves if they logout.

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BoomScape Updates - Theatre of Blood Changes & Various Other Fixes!

Friday, 19th April 2024

This update includes a range of fixes and enhancements focusing primarily on the Theatre of Blood, alongside other miscellaneous bug fixes and backend improvements. The updates improve gameplay mechanics, fix visual and functional bugs, and refine the user experience by aligning closer to OSRS standards.

Theatre of Blood Fixes
  • Maiden
    • Projectiles have been updated to match those in OSRS.
    • Animation for the Blood Splat attack has been corrected.
    • Resolved an issue where blood splats could appear invisible yet still attack.
    • Blood splats now inflict continuous damage, ranging from 1 to 5 per tick, when stood on them.
  • Xarpus
    • Addressed an issue where Xarpus could appear on an incorrect tile, affecting player positioning.
    • Exhumed will consistently spawn within the Xarpus room boundaries.
    • Exhumed will no longer appear on a different floor.
  • Verzik Vitur
    • Eliminated a safe spot associated with pillars.
    • Resolved a bug where players could receive excessive attacks from Verzik if positioned outside a specific range.
    • Verzik will now move during phase 3.
  • Adjusted projectile mechanics for most bosses to align with OSRS methodologies.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a null issue triggered when an NPC in the wilderness is defeated by an unknown attacker.
  • Fixed problems with cutting down vines in the Brimhaven Dungeon.
  • Resolved a conflict between the magic wardrobe and clue scroll steps, which previously halted functionality.
  • Updated the word filter system.
  • Addressed a "null" item spawn issue.
  • Removed the ogre key drop...
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BoomScape Updates - Server Migration, and Game Fixes

Friday, 12th April 2024

We've successfully upgraded and migrated to our new server. Now hosted on a "game" server, you should experience lower ping rates, making the game feel smoother than before! With this upgrade, we've transitioned to a less cumbersome system that enhances server-side security, better protecting your data.

Additionally, we've introduced the capability to host secondary worlds. This allows us to run development servers where selected players are invited to test new content.

Should you encounter any issues following the migration, please contact a staff member.

Game Additions:

  • Items can now be destroyed as before, with a new system in place for specific situations.
  • Yes/No dialogues are now displayed correctly.
  • Loot Chest & Skully have been added to the home area.
  • The ;;ferox command is now available.

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • You'll no longer receive a skull for obtaining a loot key if you're unskulled.
  • Spellbook swapping is now instant.
  • A Brimstone chest has been added to the Slayer Room at the home area.
  • Home teleportation no longer confines you to a single position.
  • Staff can now check the current filtered words list.
  • Krystilia now properly assigns extended tasks.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Zombified Thralls were not attacking correctly.
  • Corrected potion initialization, addressing conflicts such as:
    • Overloads in the Nightmare Zone & Chambers of Xeric.
    • The following potions can now be consumed in the Chambers of Xeric:
      • Prayer enhance, Xeric's aid, overload.

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