BoomScape Updates - Theatre of Blood Changes & Various Other Fixes!

Friday, 19th April 2024

This update includes a range of fixes and enhancements focusing primarily on the Theatre of Blood, alongside other miscellaneous bug fixes and backend improvements. The updates improve gameplay mechanics, fix visual and functional bugs, and refine the user experience by aligning closer to OSRS standards.

Theatre of Blood Fixes
  • Maiden
    • Projectiles have been updated to match those in OSRS.
    • Animation for the Blood Splat attack has been corrected.
    • Resolved an issue where blood splats could appear invisible yet still attack.
    • Blood splats now inflict continuous damage, ranging from 1 to 5 per tick, when stood on them.
  • Xarpus
    • Addressed an issue where Xarpus could appear on an incorrect tile, affecting player positioning.
    • Exhumed will consistently spawn within the Xarpus room boundaries.
    • Exhumed will no longer appear on a different floor.
  • Verzik Vitur
    • Eliminated a safe spot associated with pillars.
    • Resolved a bug where players could receive excessive attacks from Verzik if positioned outside a specific range.
    • Verzik will now move during phase 3.
  • Adjusted projectile mechanics for most bosses to align with OSRS methodologies.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a null issue triggered when an NPC in the wilderness is defeated by an unknown attacker.
  • Fixed problems with cutting down vines in the Brimhaven Dungeon.
  • Resolved a conflict between the magic wardrobe and clue scroll steps, which previously halted functionality.
  • Updated the word filter system.
  • Addressed a "null" item spawn issue.
  • Removed the ogre key drop...
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BoomScape Updates - Server Migration, and Game Fixes

Friday, 12th April 2024

We've successfully upgraded and migrated to our new server. Now hosted on a "game" server, you should experience lower ping rates, making the game feel smoother than before! With this upgrade, we've transitioned to a less cumbersome system that enhances server-side security, better protecting your data.

Additionally, we've introduced the capability to host secondary worlds. This allows us to run development servers where selected players are invited to test new content.

Should you encounter any issues following the migration, please contact a staff member.

Game Additions:

  • Items can now be destroyed as before, with a new system in place for specific situations.
  • Yes/No dialogues are now displayed correctly.
  • Loot Chest & Skully have been added to the home area.
  • The ;;ferox command is now available.

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • You'll no longer receive a skull for obtaining a loot key if you're unskulled.
  • Spellbook swapping is now instant.
  • A Brimstone chest has been added to the Slayer Room at the home area.
  • Home teleportation no longer confines you to a single position.
  • Staff can now check the current filtered words list.
  • Krystilia now properly assigns extended tasks.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Zombified Thralls were not attacking correctly.
  • Corrected potion initialization, addressing conflicts such as:
    • Overloads in the Nightmare Zone & Chambers of Xeric.
    • The following potions can now be consumed in the Chambers of Xeric:
      • Prayer enhance, Xeric's aid, overload.

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BoomScape Updates - Loot Key System, Set Bonus', Bug Fixes & More!

Sunday, 7th April 2024

In this update, we're excited to introduce several new features, improvements, and fixes to enhance your gaming experience. Our team has been hard at work applying important changes and addressing your feedback to ensure a more enjoyable and seamless adventure. From new game additions to equipment upgrades and bug fixes, this update is packed with exciting enhancements. Read on to discover what's new and how these changes will elevate your gameplay.

Game Additions
  • Loot Keys: Engage with Skully at the Ferox Enclave to activate your loot keys for a one-time fee of 10 million gp. Skully will also monitor your chests' statistics, including claims, loot, and destructions.
    • We have fixed a few issues with the loot key interface where items were not selectable, making only the buttons work below.
  • Justicar Armour Set Bonus: Experience the added set bonus for the Justicar armour.
  • Barrows Items Update: We've included missing armour set bonuses for Ahrims, Karils, and Torags.
  • Improved Loot Keys Interface: You can now directly interact with items within the interface, allowing for selective taking or deletion.

Equipment Viewer
  • Set Bonuses Display: View your equipment's set bonuses more clearly with the updated viewer.
  • Inquisitor Armour Issue: Corrected the set effect bonus of the inquisitor armour to trigger at the appropriate rate.
  • Preset Manager Usability: Resolved an issue where presets were sometimes unselectable.
  • Krystilia Slayer Tasks: Fixed and fully operational, you can now thoroughly enjoy wilderness slayer tasks.
  • Item Destruction: Removed the general "destroy" option across all items to address issues with custom destruction options.
  • Word Filter...
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BoomScape Updates - Wilderness PJ Timer Changes, Slayer changes, Backend Improvements & More!

Wednesday, 3rd April 2024

We're rolling out a comprehensive update focused on enhancing your gameplay experience with a slew of changes and additions. This update aims to refine combat mechanics, introduce new creatures and features, and improve overall game functionality with backend enhancements. Here’s a detailed rundown of what's new and improved.

PJ System Changes!

  • Players cannot attack another player who is already engaged in combat. This means if a player is being attacked or is attacking another entity, they cannot be interrupted. An entity cannot attack either the attacking or defending player, even if the defending player isn't attacking back. There is an exception for NPCs: if the player is "boxing" an NPC and doesn't attack the NPC for 5 seconds, they can then be attacked.

  • Singles+ Changes:

    • If you are engaged in PvP combat, NPCs will no longer continue to attack you. If you are in combat against an NPC in a Singles+ zone and then attacked by another player, that NPC will instantly de-aggro against you.
  • When a player kills an NPC, they can be instantly attacked. However, if they kill a player, they are given a 12-second grace period before they can be attacked.

  • PJ timers have been increased to 12 seconds for players across the entire wilderness and decreased to 5 seconds for NPCs. Previously, it was set to around 4 seconds outside of the Edgeville bounds, and 12 seconds within the Edgeville bounds.

Wilderness Loot Keys have been added - a much needed addition to the wilderness!

  • You can speak with Skully at the Ferox Enclave...
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