Latest Updates

  • BoomScape Update

    New Content
     - Greatish Guardian has been added
     - Cleaned up how Pets are done in the backend
     - Inquistors Armour now applies the correct bonus' when using 'Crush' attack style
     - Soul Bearer functionality has been added
      - The Soul Bearer has been added to the Appreciation Store!

    Bug Fixes
     - Fixed an issue with the Yell command causing clients to screenshot with certain phrases
     - Slayer Monsters that provide more experience than their HP level will now provide that amount of experience
     - Fixed a pricing issue in the Shops
     - Fixed a bug that caused Nightmare to drop double loot
     - Fixed a few null issues
     - Fixed an issue with the Appreication Point system calculating incorrectly
     - Issue with Pets reverting after being morphed if not picked up before logging out has been fixed.

  • BoomScape Updates


    Content Updates
     - Base drop rate has been increased, previously was 1/53, and is now 1/43 for non-mvp, mvp is now 1/39.
     - Nex KC now shows upon a kill
     - You can now use Presets in the Nex waiting room
     - Removed Discord message regarding Lottery when the pot is at 0gp

     Nightmare Fixes
     - Ranged/Magic attacks now apply the following max damage correcting previous logic
      - 9 Max Damage when the correct prayers are used
      - 33 Max Damage when no prayers are used
      - 39 Max Damage when the incorrect prayer is used

    Bug Fixes
     - Ammonite Crabs are now aggressive
     - Cannons can no longer be placed within the Nex regions
     - Added further checks for pre-iron accounts

  • BoomScape Updates

    Nex Fixes
     - Melee Attack
      - Praying against Melee now halfs the max hit, previously was * 0.8
     - Smoke Phase
      - Smoke Magic Hit has been increased from 32 to 33, protect from magics now halfs the max hit, previously was * 0.8
     - Shadow Phase
      - Shadow Range Max hit has been increased from 45 to 60, protection against Range now halfs the max hit
      - Shadow Range Max hit also changes depending on your distance from Nex
     - Blood Phase
      - The Blood Magic attack now only targets a single player, and any players within a 3x3 AoE of the current target
     - Ice Phase
      - If praying Protect from Missiles whilst stuck inside the 'Ice Prison' the max damage of 75 will be reduced by 50%
      - When being trapped in the 'Ice Prison' you can now re-activate prayers & eat
      - Upon the Stalagmites being destroyed the player will now be unlocked
      - Protect from Magic increased from * 0.8 to 0.5
     - Zaros Phase
      - Prayer Effectivness increased from * 0.8 to 0.5

    Content Updates
     - Little Nightmare Pet Base rates have been reduced and are now 1/1,000 or 1/800 if you are the MVP
     - You can now revert inactive BOFA's & Blade's of Saeldor for Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seeds at the Signing Bowl for 250 Crystal Shards

    Bug Fixes
     - You can no longer Gamble if you are below a certain level

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