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    New Content
     - Placeholders now work in the Seed Vault
     - You will now receive 80% of the imbue amount back when unimbuing
     - Added an option within the GE Offer Viewer for Mods+ to abort players offers (to be used in the case of those pesky offers)

    Bug Fixes
     - Fixed an issue with the ring of suffering
     - Fixed a GIM issue on items in the wilderness
     - Fixed an issue with non donators getting extra 100 Slayer Points & having unlimited free Clue Skips
     - Fixed an issue with floor items only showing one of that item when re-entering the area, example - 10 unnoted sharks would previously show as 1 shark on the floor when leaving and re-entering a region

  • BoomScape Latest Updates


    New Content
     - Explorers Ring Functions now functions
      - You can now use Alchemy, High/Low
      - You can now use energy restore
      - The charges for Alchemy will have 30 per day, and 3 per day for energy restore, these will reset daily (UTC-08:00/PT)
      - Totem Drop Rates have been buffed
      - Mole Claws & Skins drops are now noted for Donators
      - You can now click on a Cooking Range's etc to cook an array of raw food in your inventory

    Mobile Additions
      - On Mobile the 'Functions' button now operates how it should
       - You can select to chose between 3 toggles, Keyboard, Tap-to-drop & Single-tap

    Bug Fixes
     - Removed Easter Event Points within Quest Tab
     - Corrected the removal message for Blood Fury
     - Fixed an issue with Mimic being able to kill it as many times as you like without opening the Mimic crate
     - Corrected Mysterious Emblem message formatting
     - Fixed an issue in the Equipment Stats viewer that didn't register items moved within the Inventory container causing items to appear 'duped'
     - Corrected anims for Abhorrent spectre (Superior)
     - Corrected stat requirements for Nightmare Staffs & Dragon Kiteshields
     - Ironemn will now receive PK Drops, but will not be able to pickup the items, the items should now publicly spawn after some time
     - Fixed a null issue in the Skill Lamp when no skill was selected
     - Blood Pints can now be consumed
     - Fixed an issue with Chefs Delight' boost
     - Fixed several issues with how the Pest Control interfaces & activity bar works
     - Fixed an issue when hiring a Servant for POH, the Servants Inventory wasn't initiated

     TOB Fixes
     - Fixed an issue with The Maiden of Sugadinti respawning
     - Fixed an issue with Nylocas Spiders respawning in the Vasilias & Verzik Fights

  • BoomScape Updates


    New Content
     - The Mimic has been released!
         - You will need to go to Watson's House located near Hosidius and speak to the Mimic chest to enable the chance of getting Mimics
         - The Mimic can be rolled on either Master Caskets (1/10), or Elite Caskets (1/20)
         - Unlike OSRS you have unlimited chances to defeat the Mimic, dying will not change the chance of the loot
         - Third Age items have a chance of 1/200 to be added to your Mimic Clue Scroll
        - The Mimic is also a Teleport in the Nexus teleporter
     - The Ring of 3rd Age has been added along with all the options to morph into 3rd age items
     - Mimic KC now saves to the Highscores

    File:Seed box interface.png

     - Seed Box has been added
      - Seed Box can be purchased in the Vote Shop for 25 Vote Points


     - Seed Vault has been added, this can be accessed at the Farming Guild and serves to store all types of Seeds & Saplings!
      - UIM are unable to use the Seed Vault as storage

    Bug Fixes
     - Clue Scrolls now have the 'examine' option within the interface
     - Fixed an issue where the Skill Lamp's Interface didn't correctly switch Sprites when selecting different skills to gain xp
     - Fixed an issue within the Quest Tab where the selected option didn't change visually, and fixed an issue on Resized Screens

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