Latest Updates

  • Client Updates

    - Hiscore lookup now works as it should, grabbing stats from the website hiscores
    - Fixed a few issues with Timers such as Super Divine & Super Combat timers

  • Man of the people listens and provides yet again, ty boss man

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  • BoomScape Updates

    New Content
     - AntiPoison / AntiVenom timers should now work correctly on RuneLite clients
     - Shayzien Armour Tier 5 now functions correctly against Lizardman Shamans
     - Experience drops when you are over 200m Experience now display

    Bug Fixes
     - Fixed an issue where you could still be venomed even when immune
     - Fixed an issue with the Divine Super Combat Potion timer on RuneLite
     - Fixed an issue with not being able to make normal Slayer Ring
     - Fixed an issue at Drakes where you could safespot them & also sorted an issue with protection against Drakes attacks
     - Sorted a bug where you could place a cannon down at Nightmare Zone
     - Fixed a server NPE caused at NMZ

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