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BoomScape is an OSRS RSPS made to accommodate players of all types, this is achieved by using the Runelite client and having an Android version well.

In Boomscape you can become a skiller, a pvmer, a pvper, or anything you put your mind to.

BoomScape is a pure OSRS experience, as there is no customs, with a quicker but

not to quick experience rates of 40x skilling and 10x combat. BoomScape also offers a

wonderful social experience as there is no trading post or grand exchange so you have interact with our great community.

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Latest Updates

    • Added the ability to change Graceful Pieces for 15 marks each (Use the pieces on Grace to change colors)
    • Graceful outfit now gives enhanced Agility experience
    • DWH Drop Rate reduced to 1/1100
    • Sarachnis drops have now been added
    • Sarachnis now counts towards Slayer Task
    • Removed dev text from Sarachnis
    • Scythe has been made tradeable
    • Ranging Guild teleport updated to teleport you directly into the guild
    • Fixed an issue where you could use any herb on a blood pot to make unf blood cadantine pots
    • Fixed an issue where players using 'previous' teleport option without teleporting previously would null them
    • Watson has been added who can upgrade your lower tier clue scrolls into a Master clue scroll he can be found at home between the shops and ornate pool area
    • Fixed issues with Gambling Zone Map
    • Added checks for planting flowers in the gamble zone sections so they plant in the correct directions
    • Added ;;gz command for Gambling
    • You can now clean one herb, and it will continue to clean the rest in your inventory
    • Added a check when making darts to see if invent is full
    • Made Black Partyhat, Black Santa Hat & Bunny Ears Tradeable
    • Fixed issues with Coal Bag & Essense Pouch not removing items from the bank when filling these items
    • Added Brimstone Boots combining
    • Added ability to make the Mythical Max Cape
    • Combat level requirement text changed
    • Fixed an issue with Sarachnis boss not counting towards slayer task
    • Added functionality for removing charge from Dagganoth Rings
    • Fixed issues with Farming Outfit not providing boosted XP
    • Set level other command added (for admin use)