BoomScape Updates - Bestiary overhaul, Costume Storage adjustments & More!


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In the latest update, several new additions and improvements have been implemented, alongside various bug fixes and miscellaneous changes. These updates are designed to enhance the user experience and gameplay mechanics. Here are the details:

New Additions



  • Bestiary Redesign
    • Completely re-designed Bestiary with a modernized interface.
    • Re-added functionality to search through the Bestiary. Access from the misc tab within the quest tab and search for either NPCs or items.
  • Costume Storage
    • Different versions of items can now be placed in the Costume Storage, including trouver parched items, plateskirts, and more.
  • Imbue Scrolls
    • Imbue scrolls can now be used on colorized Slayer Helmets.
  • Grand Exchange Tradable Items
    • The following items can now be traded on the Grand Exchange again:
      • Black H'ween Mask
      • Black Party Hat
      • Rainbow Party Hat
      • Statius, Vesta's, Zuriel's, and Morrigan's equipment
  • Stash Unit Updates
    • Added imbue scroll versions of Slayer Helmets and other missing items to the stash unit at the Warrior Guild.

Bug Fixes

  • Cancelling a Slayer Task now displays the correct amount of points required based on your donator rank.

  • The Grand Exchange offer viewer now correctly displays the amount being bought or sold based on the remaining amount.

  • Fixed an issue with the experience received when making crystal items.

  • Cavern Grubs can no longer be smuggled and cannot be harvested for points in the Chambers of Xeric.

  • Fixed an issue where extra parts could be obtained when reclaiming the cannon.

  • Cerberus' wall of fire will now inflict damage if stood on.

  • Death Handling

    • Fixed an issue with death handling that could result in a "null" death in rare circumstances.


  • Wilderness Bounty Targeting

    • You can no longer adjust your bounty targeting settings while in the wilderness unless setting them to be everywhere.
  • Konar Adjustments

    • Dark Beasts will no longer be assigned in the Catacombs.
    • Greater Demons will no longer be assigned in Taverly Dungeon.
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3 hours ago, loveandpower said:

Great job on the drop viewer!

It's nice to have the functionality back, and in a clean way, as it was intended. We will be re-working more interfaces over the next few months, some I'm excited to get finished such as the one below, but need to work on exactly how the data is extracted to keep it all automated, mainly due to changes in how the updates can be done, and imagery etc messing it up. Work in progress but should be with us soon, and keep us all updated in-game upon login, along side other information!


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