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  1. Changes to BoomScape Vengeance Other Spell Added Nail Beast Nails added to Herblore Shop for Sanfew Serum Added Explorers Ring to Vote Shop Clue Reward Caskets now stack when completing Clues Added correct configs for Twisted Slayer Helm Spinach rolls are now edible Oysters can now be opened Larrans Key chest Drop Table updated You can now select Stats for Rewards in Pest Control You can now select Resource for Rewards in Pest Control Bugs Fixed Fixed an issue with Potion creation in Raids Fixed an issue with Kou
  2. Changes to BoomScape Login Delay is now fixed (Previously was taking 30~ seconds to login to BoomScape) Battlemage Potion & Divine Battlemage Potion functionality added Players Online now shows on the Discord Bot, you can also type ::online in Discord and the bot will tell you the current amount of players Donator Store updated Donator Island Store updated Purple Sweets eating functionality added TOB Items are now avaliable in COX Halfed the rate per points for a unique chance in COX Bugs Corrected the medium clue donator item
  3. @99sCan you update the list?
  4. Cosmetic Mystery Box Common Table Snow Imp Costume Mourner Gear Skeleton Outfit Zombie Outfit Spooky Outfit Spookier Outfit Mime Outfit Menephite Clothing (Red) Menephite Clothing (Purple) Bunny Outfit Chicken Outfit Evil Chicken Outfit Prince Outfit Princess Outfit Super Rare Table Crate with Zanik Jack Lantern Mask Jonas Mask Easter Bunny Mask Easter Basket Sled Sack of Presents Green H'ween Blue H'ween Red H'ween Black H'ween Santa Hat Black Santa Hat Inverted Santa Hat Red Party Hat Yellow Party Hat Blue Party Hat
  5. Changes To BoomScape Billgates (lottery) will now randomly display the current jackpot amount & the feed will also display the current jackpot amount Well of Goodwill now displays the amount of GP currently added to the well Super Mystery Boxes Loot Table Changed & Changed items that are globally announced New Items added to Donator Store (Webstore) Autocasts will now save when switching between weapons Combat Dummy now functions at POH Herblore Cape now allows grimy herbs to be mixed directly with Vials of Water Loot Drop Notifications
  6. New Additions to BoomScape Added the options for Teletabs (Varrock & Camelot) toggles & other teleport options Added Obstacle Entrance functionality for Barbarian Course Added uncharge options for Imbued Black Mask & Ring of Suffering Added the Pollnivneach Rooftop course Added lap counter text for all Rooftop courses Wilderness Slayer Cave entrances have been added Wilderness Slayer Cave NPC Spawns have been added Dark Relic functionality added Tormented Bracelet & Kodai Wand combining added Added a new 'Fashion Sca
  7. Lottery & Well Systems are being worked on currently
  8. Fixed issues with Jewellery moulding Added Mould amounts relative to the player Fixed an issue with nulling out reward points in NMZ Updated Crystal Bow ID from Singing Bowl Changed the order of giving/removing items at singing bowl Fixed respawn issues in Raids Fixed Olm nulling in Raids Added functionality for shop buy amounts on Mobile
  9. Fixed an issue with Olm nulling at death stage (more fixes to come currently using a workaround) Removed JDA (previous discord integration) Added the creation for Mahogany Stocks Updated Cache to sort issues with mapping Added a Furnace & Anvils to Donator Zone Removed Blood Money from Wilderness Loot Boxes Supply PVP Chest Rate for Rare is now 1/75 previously 1/100
  10. Fixed issue with Jewllery Box in POH Fixed issue with Climb Object for Clue Scroll Fixed issue with some climb objects causing null issues Fixed an issue with Godwar Doors after cache update Fixed an issue with DK ladder after cache update Added Martin Master Farmer to Pickpocket Some cache updates applied
  11. Updates 05/05/21 - Cache updated to OSRS #193 allowing us to use the latest OSRS bosses/maps etc - Ferox Enclave barried & safe barriers added - Clan Wars Portal Exit/Entrance updated to Ferox Enclave area - Added Ferox Enclave to Ring of Dueling teleports - Xteas & Region Keys updated to allow updated cache to function correctly - Fixed an issue with Wintertodt actions being cancelled when hit by the cold - Updated Tekton drops to guarnte correct items - Fixed issues with Vasa Nistirio in raids - Added Combat Defs to Glowing Crystal - Fixed an issue with trading
  12. Perhaps make the armour degrade similar to a tentacle whip, i.e it has 5,000 charges before turning to 'dust'