BoomScape Updates - Fixes to BoomScape Crashing & More


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BoomScape Changes
 - Shadow Phase damage at Nex has been lowered depending on the distance from Nex that you are
 - Dragon Warhammer & Statius Warhammer have been fixed
  - DWH will now only apply stat drain if the player successfully deals over 0 damage
  - DWH will now reduce the stat by 30% based on the current level instead of the fixed level

Perk Fixes
 - Fixed an issue with the Toxic Love perk, the perk has also been adjusted to now hold up to 65,532 scales & darts (4x the default).

Bug Fixes
 - Added a check for the Energy Transfer spell so it cannot be cast through walls or past 8 tiles.
 - Fixed an issue with the Trident of the Seas not returning any runes when uncharged in it's "full" state
 - Fixed an issue causing BoomScape to crash due to a bug with how the Theatre of Blood works

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