I get ignored so much that my nickname should be Terms And Conditions.

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Now that i have your attention, let me tell you a little a bit about this ugly hippy. My names Josh, I'm 31 and i work at a metal finishing company where we do work for boeing, space x, and blue orgins. I live with 2 females that pick and choose everything i do every waking minute of the rest of my life. I love them more than anything, they are my wife and daughter. Not saying i dont want to lock myself in the garage in the car just to get away to play some boomscape and not watch daniel tiger... My free time is spent jumping on a trampoline and cuddling up to the wife to watch a good movie. Summer days include going to the river or going out to the farm and riding the side by side. I love to take trips to Colorado and hiking in the mountains while partaking in some fine greens. My daughter that is 4 is going to Colorado this all for her first time to see the aspen trees change colors. The thing i like most about boomscape is the community it has built. I love being able to log on and get along with everyone. That's pretty much it i'm a boring person now that i'm 31 it seems like... But i guess its just living the good family life. Nice to meet y'all.








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